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CAO Club ISETN Business Talk

The CAO club of ISET Nabeul organizes an entrepreneurial event for young students of the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Nabeul, tomorrow February 24,

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Top 10 Scholarships For Tunisian Students

Students are always searching for scholarship opportunities to lessen the impact of rising tuition costs and make the education easier to access, but unfortunately they

hammamet valley hub

The Long-awaited Co-working Space : Hammamet Valley Hub Has Finally Seen The Light Of The Day

I think that all of you have been waiting for the big news, haven’t you? YESSS, Hammamet Valley Hub’s doors are finally open. The inauguration


Study In Romania and Benefit from a Free Stay and a Monthly Salary

Each year, the Romanian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides a number of scholarships to citizens from non-EU countries. To whom is it


Student 4 Change Have Made A Change

The Student 4 Change (S4C) project ,launched in October 2019 by the Association Jeunes Leaders (AJL) which is a non-governmental non-profit organization, which was founded


3 Tips to Help You Create Your Personality

Honestly I couldn’t find a better way to word the title of this article and I think that’s the exact fit. To create your personality