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Tunivisions University Meeting – students from all fields

Tunivisions foundation which has nearly 13,500 members, including 4,500 volunteers, is present in more than 100 universities and 130 high schools is fully invested in


Tunisian Authorities Are Killing Youth Ambitions

A 17-year-old student has been arrested on charges of “possessing a medium used by criminal organizations”.Isn’t this charge just as big for a simple use

at home

Bored At Home? Here Is What You Can Do

Staying at home sucks i know, we all hate being stuck there 24/7 watching TV or fighting with our siblings.. But due to the sanitary


Between Student Life, Business and Passions, Get To Know Chaima Khamri

The 21 year-old product design student spills the tea about her non collegiate activities , projects and ambitions in an exclusive interview to StudentMag. We


Hammamet Valley Hub,The First Coworking Space in Hammamet

Hammamet Valley Hub is the 1st coworking space in Hammamet, currently being prepared to be inaugurated very soon.Founded by senior executives native to the city


Youngpreneur 3.0 a Seminar to Remember

The concept of Young entrepreneurship consists of developing a mindset of young people supporting each other in the business world to combine efforts and knowledge