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Jump Startup : an opportunity not to be missed

The economic world keeps evolving and expanding day after day. And it doesn’t matter if you have a capital of 1 million dollars or 0


Tunivisions University Meeting – students from all fields

Tunivisions foundation which has nearly 13,500 members, including 4,500 volunteers, is present in more than 100 universities and 130 high schools is fully invested in


Samy Chaffaï breaks into the big screen ” Prison of Numbers”

Samy Chaffaï, the young 24-year-old Tunisian youtuber who recently represented Tunisia on the third season of the Jordanian TV show Sadeem, where he got to


“Experience makes the difference “

Big dreams come from small beginnings. And that’s what Albania born Ergi Hoxha believes,  affiliation with the student magazine started from something as simple as


An introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Humans are the most intelligent creatures we know of. Humans can speak and listen to communicate through language (speech recognition), humans can write and read


JCI Hammamet on the move

The first period of the partial discontainment, JCI Hammamet resumed work with great determination beginning with the action “mdinetna” which aims to revive the city


Bac2020: Success is not final..Failure is not fatal

This article is dedicated to both Bac students who have already passed their baccalaureate exam and to those who didn’t manage to do so. To


Living a healthy lifestyle

Many of you are seeking a healthy lifestyle and wondering what are the dos and the don’ts that lead us to a healthy living.The path

nour salah

Nour Salah The founder of TIMUN FLAHM

Nour SALAH, the 20-year-old geopolitical and international relationships student, the civil society activist, the founder of the Tunisian International Model United Nations is our student of

Safwen Mami champion

Safwen Mami the rising windsurfing champion of Tunisia

When we talk about successful people it always comes to mind people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates… who made extraordinary achievements in their