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I strongly believe that everyone of you has entered a gift store at least once in his life, either that gift store was recommended by a friend, or you just run into it by chance, we often find ourselves mesmerized by the variety of presents or decoration tools that these shops have to offer.
In this article, we talk about a particular gift shop: Fyena deco, a gift shop held in Hammamet-Nabeul.

fyena deco

Who is the founder ?
Siwar Bouksila, 29 years old. She holds a license degree in the field of audio-visual and also a master degree specialized in graphic design.
Before launching her own business, she occupied the position of manager of an art gallery with the association In’art Hammamet for 3 years. There, many artists exhibited their work and inspired Siwar to set up the beautiful gift shop : Fyena Deco.

To know more about her, you can watch this interview where she talks about her inspiration behind this project : interview with Siwar Bouksila

Fyena Deco: what makes it unique ?
Fyena Deco combines both authenticity and modernity, simplicity and sophistication due to the variety of tissues and colors used in the products. I can assure you that everyone will find an item that matches his own taste and if one wants to make the item even more personal, Fyena has got the solution: because it offers you the possibility of getting a personalised gift. Between paintings, notepads, accessories, you will absolutely find what adds charm to your interior and brings joy to the heart of your loved ones.

You can check her Instgram page : Fyena Deco to pick up your gift and don’t hesitate to go and get it.

Localisation and contact : 

The store : Tourist Area “la sirène”, Hammamet.

Contact : +216 52 378 307 



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