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I think that all of you have been waiting for the big news, haven’t you? YESSS, Hammamet Valley Hub’s doors are finally open.

The inauguration ceremony was held this Friday, August 13th on its rooftop, with an impressive attendance by civil society young members, actors of the entrepreneurial and digital ecosystems and other supportive guests who are keen on not only boosting the space but also keeping it going.

Actually, the atmosphere was pleasant, of unprecedented scope and all the attendees were enjoying their time while discovering the space. First, the floor was given to the partners : Mr Noomen Fehri past former minister of technology, Mr Lotfi Gabsi the president of the board of directors of HVH, Mr Nebil Chemek as the master of the ceremony : former advisor to the minister of technology, Mr Ahmed Amine Azzouzi a past former advisor to the minister of culture.

Then, the representatives of associations: Leo club Hammamet, Visualise club Hammamet, Nefaal, JCI Hammamet, JAT Hammamet, Rotaract Hammamet, Scout Hammamet, Chorale Nawa, were called to the podium.

And finally, the floor was given to the entrepreneurial ecosystems represented by : Mr Mondher Benhmida : VP of global supply chain Lumentum who works in Silicon Valley, Mr Mongi Zidi : the president of FrenchTech, Mr Ali Mnif : representative of Digital Africa, Mrs Zohra Sedak : representative of Business France, Mr Jamel Ksibi : representative of UTICA, Mr Mohsen Boujbal who represents the tourism sector, Mrs Olfa Soukri : a development consultant and recognized among the 7 influential personalities in development in the world, Mr Jean Luc Revereault : head of the European Investment Bank EIB in Tunisia and Algeria, Mr Iheb Beji : CEO of Medianet, Mrs Zeineb Messaoud : managing director of the DOT, Mrs Bahija Ben Abdallah : executive director of Enda and without forgetting their sponsor’s representative, Attijari, Mr Issam Meddeb.

Peut être une image de 8 personnes, personnes assises, personnes debout, plein air et texte qui dit ’Student A’
Peut être une image de 11 personnes, personnes assises et personnes debout
Peut être une image de 1 personne, position debout et intérieur

As shown, HVH is fitted with 30 workstations provided with optical fiber, 2 training rooms, 3 meeting spaces, 2 offices, a cafeteria space, a terrace, a reading space, an event space, an open air cinema and a yoga space..

Personally, what impressed me the most was the organic agriculture space out there which I saw as a real creative and genius idea realised by Mr Salem Darej, the project’s boss, it is a water circuit mixed with Knop solution and some additives that form an organic medium for plant growth. Healthy, efficient and innovative !

hammamet valley hub

HVH is surely the right destination adapted to the needs of young entrepreneurs, students, researchers, freelancers, civil society, digital nomads.. No need for luxury high priced rented spaces anymore!

PS : concerning the price details they will be soon announced on their website : Hammamet Valley Hub

For further informations : Hammamet Valley Hub Facebook page

Photo credit : Wajdi Kochkach & Asma Barhoumi

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Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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