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Horse Riding in Sidi Thabet, Tunisia: Business or Passion? That’s a question to be answered very soon by our interviewee Donia Ayari on Student Magazine. But first of all, let’s try to understand what youth are doing in Tunisia. What is their passion? Can passion really turn into a successful Business?

Obviously, youth in Tunisia are highly engaged in many activities. Some people choose programmes that are connecting civil society, education and policy-makers. Therefore, they can have the opportunities that could open doors for them worldwide not only to speak up but also to become young influencers.

On the other hand, other people choose their passion. WHY? SIMPLY BECAUSE IF YOU ALLOW YOUR PASSION TO BECOME YOUR PURPOSE, IT WILL ONE DAY BECOME YOUR PROFESSION. Yet, the question is, can passion really turn into a successful Business? That’s a question to be answered by Donia Ayari.

Donia is a horse rider and a Tunisian young student who has recently chosen to do Masters in Translation & Interpreting studies in ISSHTunis. Horse riding is her passion since childhood. She’s the founder of Challenge Stable Club in Sidi Thabet, Tunisia. Horse riding is not only her passion but also the opportunity through which she has started her Business. Her Horse Chouf Laajeb that is a dear friend for her more than a horse, participated in Équitation- Championnats du Monde d’Endurance- Junior_et_ Young Riders in 2017 and 2019.

4 years ago, more specifically in 2017, the competition was held in Verona, Italy. There were 93 participants. Chouf Laajeb occupied the 45th place. Yet, insofar as teams classification is concerned, Chouf Laajeb’s team was ranked 7th. In 2019, the competition was held in Pisa, Italy. Out of 105 participants, Chouf Laajeb was ranked 4th. Yet, what is really interesting is that when it comes to teams classification, CHOUF LAAJEB WAS RANKED 1ST!!

After showing a great performance. Chouf Laajeb of course got some eyes on him; he got the attention of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of The United Arab Emirates. Consequently, CHOUF LAAJEB WAS SOLD! Now, he belongs to the M7 Stable in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates that is owned by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In other words, he made it to another level of professionalism. Don’t you find it funny how a horse could sometimes be more successful than a human being? CHOUF LAAJEB WOULD BE REALLY AN INSPIRING SUCCESS STORY!!

Donia Ayari is now planning to start A NEW BUSINESS! GUESS WHAT? A HORSE MARKET! To put it differently, buying & selling horses. Also, facilitating horses transportation not only in Tunisia but also WORLDWIDE! She even thought of the name and the brand. HORSES WORLDWIDE IS COMING SOON!

She will be sharing with you her experience as soon as possible on Student Magazine. Hopefully after Ramadan. Meanwhile, DO NOT FORGET TO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP Student Community!


a Tunisian Blogger and a committed young professional specialized in English Studies and Training Delivery. He has been selected IELTS ambassador by The British Council to represent IELTS and The British Council in 2019 and 2020.

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