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To get that job you want, you need to first pass a job interview, (aka the few minutes when you regret all your life decisions and want to go back home and lay down all day), we’ve all been there at some point of our lives because it’s a must, so dude here’s a few pieces of advice that may help you.

Before the job interview :

1- Prepare your CV: make sure that your CV is well written, clear and does not contain any typos. (Do not use weird colors or put long subheadings, it is not advisable).
You can check these links they might help you create a good resume by clicking :

2- Prepare a background check: it is a common thing that employers do a background check to confirm the information provided by a job candidate. But in your case as the candidate, and in order to avoid the embarrassment when you get asked, you should attend the interview with a minimum of knowledge on the company’s history (for example: the organizational chart, the best selling product, the founders etc..)

3- Prepare the interview questions: we don’t read minds, but when it comes to job interviews we all know the basic question combo that every recruiter should ask, such as :
Tell us about yourself.
Why should we hire you?
Why do you want to work at this company?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Try to prepare some reasonable, easy and unique / unusual answers at home. (PS: try to be creative and avoid long and boring answers).
You can check this link, it might help you find some common interview questions that you may get asked : Click Here or Here.

Job Interview

Prepare your outfits: just dress appropriately and don’t be too casual or too formal, (PS: if you wear too many piercings remove them and if you have tattoos hide them because some employers can find that uncomfortable).

job interview

You can watch this video, it explains how to dress for success : How To Dress For Success

During the job interview :

1- Be on time: Don’t be late if your interview is at 10 then try to come 15 minutes earlier, being on time is a sign of professionalism and respect.
In case of a contingency, make a call to inform the company in order to avoid any complications.

2- Be confident: Don’t stress yourself and don’t panic in case you get asked about something that you don’t know. It’s okay to use phrases like “I apologize, but I’m not familiar with the topic, I’ll check the matter and reach you back”.

3- Be comfortable: Maintain eye contact with the person who’s speaking to you to show respect and always keep a positive and friendly attitude. Don’t forget to turn your mobile off as well as any other device that may interrupt the interview.

Job Interview

After the job interview :
Don’t stress yourself by waiting for a reply, they will contact you as soon as they make a decision, be proud of yourself and the way the interview went. If unfortunately you get turned down, don’t lose hope and work harder to improve your profile, life is full of opportunities that you can seize, and eventually you’ll get your chance.
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Passing an interview is not that much of a big deal, people are just giving the matter much more weight than it actually deserves. As you can see it only requires a little bit of preparation, boosting your self confidence, and believing in yourself. Be positive and keep your chin up. Good luck dude you got this!


21-year-old girl studying management at ESSECT and a member of the International Junior Chamber of Mhamdia.

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