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Samy Chaffaï, the young 24-year-old Tunisian youtuber who recently represented Tunisia on the third season of the Jordanian TV show Sadeem, where he got to the final and won the title of best director has recently confirms it with his new brilliant short film “Prison of Numbers” wich made him the first Tunisian youtuber to breaks into the big screen.


After a long absence, he came back with a masterpiece that has been lately number 1 in the trend and thanks to his impressive creativity and imagination, he managed to gain the attention and respect of Tunisians and the entire Arab world!

In his movie, Samy describes the hell of social networks, addiction, superficiality and the “prison of numbers”, as he called, that leads Internet users into a pernicious spiral where nothing is really true and the message which he aims to transfer to the viewer was at the right time, exactly now, the viewer is not conscious and aware that he is at the heart of the prison, the prison of numbers..

Through an 8-minute film, Samy described our current way of living. A fake life that is controlled by a number of followers and likes. He showed that the number of instagram followers, or instagram culture in general can now determine the person you are, and if you lose them, you lose your entire life. The digital life that we enjoyed once, has now become a threat. A threat to our real lives and our real persons.

Social media tempts us at the beginning, with the big number of followers, likes, and shares.. and the fame that it affords us, and when we want to take a step back, we find ourselves stuck, and threatened to not exist anymore.
We have become addicted to this fake life, and started racing each other. Who has the most followers, who lives more the luxury life, who eats in the most fancy restaurants, who wears the most fashionable clothes.. as if we are feuding for nothing, obviously, because everything is fake, and we believed in the fake life that social media has built for us, and we have even forgotten about our reality.
This video filmed the struggle that influencers and content creators face nowadays, they became required to be active, to share everything with their followers and at the least default they start blaming them, and questioning their credibility.

Samy wanted to wake up the spectator and turn him back to live his real life by breaking social media bars and getting out of its dilemma and tunisian youth were impressed and liked the idea a lot, since they are actually suffering from this struggle.
The film has already been viewed more than 400 thousand times and promises to be a great success.


Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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