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Bitcoin, Freelancing, Paypal,….Are you confused with all of the words that keep crossing your mind?
Such terms are becoming more and more popular in the market these days as the number of freelancing platforms has remarkably increased recently.
If you haven’t already heard of this new traffic or used one of these platforms, don’t worry , we’ve got all what you need to know:

What is freelancing?
To make a long story short, a freelance job is basically when you are yourself’s boss. Indeed, you will work for yourself and be self-employed. In other words, you get a temporary job or project that you get paid for online.
The idea of working at your own pace and according to your personalized schedule seems so attractive for this generation. In addition, having a job that you can manage from the comfort of your couch sounds an excellent solution during the covid pandemic especially with its financial consequences on the daily employees. Therefore, so many people resort to freelancing on different platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer,.. It is even estimated that freelancers will become a majority soon.

How do freelancers get paid?
You might be wondering how these freelancers get their money if they are not personally in contact with the clients. However, you will be overwhelmed with the different types of payment available if you’re not familiar with the online business. Before getting into that, we should probably clarify some of the basics.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and it is mainly referring to digital currency that enables you to buy services. Note that not all the jobs pay with Bitcoin.
As for the payment methods, some of the freelancers accept checks while other ones prefer Paypal which is a platform that offers a myriad of services including online payments. Another way to get your money from the client is to use Cash App.

Tips for first timers:
No one can deny that freelancing can be worthwhile and rewarding because as long as you get more experience, loyal clients and excellent ratings on your profile, your traffic would become more important and consequently you would make more money out of it. But, the start is not as easy as it looks like.

Standing out from the crowd of different talented professionals around the world and making your profile appear on the first page of the platform is a struggle for so many. That’s why you should be willing to put in all of your effort and sacrifice your time in this project. In fact, an outstanding profile and some luck are the only cards that can guarantee you a good start in freelance

First of all, choosing the platform is itself a long process. At the beginning, you need to specify the clients you’re targeting and to check the requirements like age limit. When done, you should learn about the way the platform functions and start creating your profile. After that, applying for job offers is necessary. Be careful at this point as you must read the full description then decide whether the job suits you or not. Once you get the offer, try to accomplish your mission on time and with professionalism so that you would get fully paid and obtain wonderful reviews on your profile.
When you start gaining popularity and building trust with the client, it is mandatory that you always keep the same quality and energy.

Most importantly, start now and keep up the good work!


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