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Tunisia : What Solutions Are on The Floor For a Better Educational System?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin Since independence, education in Tunisia has taken a turn and our country has established

book review

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad:The author, Robert T. Kiyosaki, talked about how growing up with two fathers, a poor dad, and a rich dad,


[Op-ed] Is a Local Business Master’s Degree Worth It ?

Whether you’re fresh out of undergrad , an aspiring worker who is seeking an extensive knowledge about the business ambit or simply curious about the

law studies

Law School: A Closer Look Into What Law Studies Can Bring to The Table

Have you ever watched “Suits” or “How to get away with murder” and thought to yourself “How can I be the next Harvey Specter or


Why you should apply for ESSECT : Our Experience

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2024 ON YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION !YOU DID IT DUDE !! I know it’s been a tough year but you made it


How Does Graphic Design Affect Our Life : A Graphic Design Student’s Testimony

Although the personal development of a solid general knowledge is often built by the interaction of several factors, it is often through our environment and


What To Wear For a Defense

First impression is the last impression. This simple yet deep-seated quote leads to the fact that first impressions always count on every occasion, and your


How to Nail Your Final Year Project Presentation: PFE/ mémoire

It’s almost the end of this university year which means that the final year project presentation season is officially open.Now that your work is submitted,


Study Smarter Not Harder: Tips & Tricks

All these years of education, yet