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law studies

Law School: A Closer Look Into What Law Studies Can Bring to The Table

Have you ever watched “Suits” or “How to get away with murder” and thought to yourself “How can I be the next Harvey Specter or


Why you should apply for ESSECT : Our Experience

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2024 ON YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION !YOU DID IT DUDE !! I know it’s been a tough year but you made it


How Does Graphic Design Affect Our Life : A Graphic Design Student’s Testimony

Although the personal development of a solid general knowledge is often built by the interaction of several factors, it is often through our environment and


What To Wear For a Defense

First impression is the last impression. This simple yet deep-seated quote leads to the fact that first impressions always count on every occasion, and your


How to Nail Your Final Year Project Presentation: PFE/ mémoire

It’s almost the end of this university year which means that the final year project presentation season is officially open.Now that your work is submitted,


Study Smarter Not Harder: Tips & Tricks

All these years of education, yet they never taught us how to study effectively. If you find yourself spending a whole day on your desk


FSEGN a personal experience from a first year managment student

What is your dream job?  I’m sure you heard that question quite a lot, so did I. In fact, I don’t remember answering that properly


Find Your Master Program | English Graduates 2019/2020

If you are reading this, you must be an English graduate who is still confused and does not know what to study after graduating college.


Bac2020: Success is not final..Failure is not fatal

This article is dedicated to both Bac students who have already passed their baccalaureate exam and to those who didn’t manage to do so. To