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8 Types of People That Should Be Avoided

“ A man is known by the company he keeps ” Choosing your circle wisely has a big impact on your life. That’s why you

at home

Bored At Home? Here Is What You Can Do

Staying at home sucks i know, we all hate being stuck there 24/7 watching TV or fighting with our siblings.. But due to the sanitary

emotional intelligence

Everything You Need to Know About Emotional Intelligence

Nowadays, personal development is progressively demanded everywhere, its main purpose consists of developing our potential. Faced with technological progress, it is necessary for everyone to


Simple Techniques to Overcome and Reduce Stress

Before giving you tips about how to manage your stress and get rid of it, we need to understand how it works in the first


How to Find Your Personal Style

“ Fashion is something that comes within you ” – Ralph Lauren This is a simple yet sophisticated statement given to us by ralph lauren


10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily

In this time of negativity and despair that the epidemiological health situation has caused you really need a dose of motivation to overcome these difficulties


3 Tips to Help You Create Your Personality

Honestly I couldn’t find a better way to word the title of this article and I think that’s the exact fit. To create your personality


Meditation Can change your life

Today i will be focusing on introducing the art of meditation as it is profoundly an interesting topic that has been supremely underrated and misunderstood