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Robocup 4.0 ENSI

In the event industry, technology is becoming more and more important.The ENSI, one of the most prestigious schools opens its doors as usual to accommodate


Hack Zone in its 9th Edition

Hack Zone has been one of the biggest yearly Cybersecurity events organised in Tunisia and worldwide. CSI ENSI is a Cybersecurity community that aims to


AI Hackathon 2.0

The AI hackathon is an annual event hosted at the National School of Computer Sciences at Mannouba’sUniversity Campus. It was organized by the IEEE ENSI


Invasion Weeks, to Highlight The Educational Augmented Reality

INVASION WEEKS is a series of actions launched by Alien Dimension, the startup specializing in the development of custom solutions based on augmented reality, has


Pitch For Change 2.0, Trading Legacy Carried By Youth

In order to create a socially committed movement, MELKART Junior Entreprise organized on April 3rd and 4th 2021 the second edition of PITCH FOR CHANGE,


Jump Startup : an opportunity not to be missed

The economic world keeps evolving and expanding day after day. And it doesn’t matter if you have a capital of 1 million dollars or 0


Tunivisions University Meeting – students from all fields

Tunivisions foundation which has nearly 13,500 members, including 4,500 volunteers, is present in more than 100 universities and 130 high schools is fully invested in


Youngpreneur 3.0 a Seminar to Remember

The concept of Young entrepreneurship consists of developing a mindset of young people supporting each other in the business world to combine efforts and knowledge 


Samy Chaffaï breaks into the big screen ” Prison of Numbers”

Samy Chaffaï, the young 24-year-old Tunisian youtuber who recently represented Tunisia on the third season of the Jordanian TV show Sadeem, where he got to


Jobs2020: Believe, adapt and overcome.

Jobs was/ and still is one of the best and most exciting events for Young Entrepreneurs in Tunisia. It was hosted and organized by the