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If you are reading this, you must be an English graduate who is still confused and does not know what to study after graduating college. Don’t worry! You’re not the only one who is confused.

At this point, most of students are. I, myself was bewildered when I graduated, but then I made up my mind. My story is not important for you, but your future is important for us, because in our magazine we care about your future and we are always delighted to help students with everything they need to know. 

Choosing where to continue your education after graduating college is a tough decision. This is especially true when you have no idea what you want to study. It’s time to ask yourself, what do I want to do for the rest of my life? How am I supposed to get there? Do I want to go to university to eventually get a job as a journalist? A teacher? A community manager? A translator? The options are endless, and, unfortunately, there’s no easy solution.

Yet, don’t panic! Our Magazine is a great place to begin your search if you are not ready to ask specific questions just yet.

If you are an English graduate, there are endless opportunities and options for you! If you are interested in doing translation studies, you can do that either in ISLT (Higher Institute of Languages in Tunis), The Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis (Ibnou Charaf) or in The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Manouba.

If you are interested in studying international relations, you can do that in The Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis (Ibnou Charaf). Yet, this program is highly demanding in terms of work and commitment, but extremely important.

If you are interested in doing literature and civilization studies, ISLT provides students with an interesting program that is Cross-cultural Studies. While Ibnou Charaf has a similar program as well that is Inter-cultural studies. You can also do English Language, Literature and Civilization in FSHST (9 Avril).

There are other interesting programs, yet their criteria are highly demanding, that’s why if you don’t have the necessary qualifications try to avoid them:

ISLT: Applied Linguistics

ISLT: Communication 

FSHST: TESOL (Teaching English For Speakers of Other Languages). 

However, if you are not interested in continuing your studies in English, you can switch to Arabic! Did you know that? For instance, you can do journalism in The Press and Information Science Institute of Manouba or in The Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Sousse. Also, you can choose to study political communication in The Press and Information Science Institute of Manouba. It’s an interesting program if you enjoy doing politics.

Don’t panic! The options are endless. You can choose anything you find interesting for you. We wish you good luck! May you be blessed with great opportunities!


a Tunisian Blogger and a committed young professional specialized in English Studies and Training Delivery. He has been selected IELTS ambassador by The British Council to represent IELTS and The British Council in 2019 and 2020.

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