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What is your dream job?  I’m sure you heard that question quite a lot, so did I. In fact, I don’t remember answering that properly before and I didn’t feel the need to. However, at some point, I started wondering where I’m heading and all of a sudden this question becomes as crucial as world war 3 and as confusing as a moody person. If that’s how you feel too. I hope that sharing my short personal experience will help you find your way.

intro to my studies and my college :

 First, let me introduce myself, I’m a management student in faculty of economy and management in Nabeul (FSEGN), I know you may all heard of it; “the graveyard” as some people call it or the college that eats students alive after swallowing all their dreams and potentials. Well, you should know that it’s not that true.

 Benefits and future jobs : 

 In fact, if you’re a hard working student you’ll be for sure among the best whether you study economy, business IT or management. Besides, our college is placed in an animated place where you’ll be able to catch whether a bus, train or a taxi. You can also stay at the academic homes nearby if you live far away and no need to worry, you’ll be surrounded by a good company (70%) and a safe environment (99%).

As for the subjects, At first year you’ll be studying micro and macroeconomics ,accounting , finance, mathematics, English, C2I, Microsoft word, statistics, probability, management, general law and commercial law… you’ll be able to understand the economic environment and its indicators , you’ll know the basics of managing a company and its obligations by law. 

In addition, our college embraces more than six clubs with different purposes and orientations. We have professional ones such as NMC Junior enterprise and entertainment such as euphoria radio and personal development like positive club and internship counseling like aiesec… 

That way you’ll never feel empty or bored since you have the time and the opportunity to choose the club that suits you the most. 

To be honest, for me, all this was a completely different world (since I had a scientific baccalaureate). I felt lost at the beginning but as soon as I had things under control, I knew that it was the right choice to have come here and study the things I like the most Things will get clearer in the second year, it will be your takeoff year, it will determine precisely you future job, and you will get to choose among many specialties such as: 

– Finances ( engineer in finance/ 5 years)

– Accounting (accountant /3-5 years, chartered accountant/7 years) 

– Management (human resources manager…) 

– Marketing (marketing manager…)

All these fields are extremely important especially for those who want to start their own business. In fact, I believe that entrepreneurs are the future, they play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative to bring good new ideas to market.

Barriers :

Actually, Tunisia is among the few countries that randomizes entrepreneurship, which made business, stocks market, and investment decline over the years.

Adding salt to injury, the lack of internship opportunities that are important for a student professional improvement.

Added to that, the despicable bureaucracy applied by the college administration and the lack of communication with students which made our relationship as cold as ice. For example, this year things are being foggy because of the new system that mixed the two types of licenses (applicable and fundamental) that no one knows how to deal with.

Conclusion :

To sum up, academical orientation is indeed a lifetime decision that should be made with wisdom but don’t forget that dreams are meant to be chased and with dedication and hard work you’re able to reach success in any field no matter what.



Studying management at the faculty of economy and management of Nabeul . A junior entrepreneur at neapolis marketing consulting junior enterprise since 2019 and currently a business development manager.

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