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Although the personal development of a solid general knowledge is often built by the interaction of several factors, it is often through our environment and things around us that our visual and sociocultural background takes hold; still, we must consider our environment in a wider perspective about its influence on everyday life, more accurately and precisely, in design.

Graphic Design, an opening to the outside world
On the assumption that design is made of answers to our daily problematics and contributes to the improvement of life quality, its constructive function shall be considered far from being unimportant, given its omnipresence, knowing that visual communication or industrial design regularly occupy our field of view based on our ability to be aware of everything around us.

graphic design

Can we corroborate that design is part of our thinking?
In these conditions, it is now a certainty, our perceptive experience influences the cognitive and the state of mind, conveying towards forms and compositions, up to the level of color saturation which can hold our attention on a billboard panel, or around industrial filling cabinets and exposed shelving, with the aim of a better home storage unit, not to mention the paramount value of design feasibility.

Suffice it to say that between practical needs and aesthetic aspects, there is a necessity which is systematically part of daily life.

Design styles coming from different concepts and stemming from ancient theories can really provide some answers about their impact on our individuality, or even our identity.

Example: minimalism
Some categories move towards minimalism in the perspective of purity and transparency leaving the share to essentials in an open space, in all sobriety as a result of abandoning secondary elements to keep only the significant ones.

The same goes for instant effective advertising; a functional balance of graphical features cleverly composed on a medium may be able to ensure the right reception of a concept, and to work on a brand image by communicating its identity while keeping its singularity.

Less inclined towards curves and bold colors, minimalism highlights a prodigious harmony that seeks to make its viewers think and perceive , by structures presence and purified textures in total simplicity.

Isn’t it a way of life to adopt if one wishes to find peace of mind and inner calm? This remains one of the most striking examples in terms of visual and cultural positionings of design.

This video shows some creative and design leaders from Uber, Microsoft, Dropbox and Google that share how designing with empathy and inclusion in mind drive innovation and empower brands to craft more diverse customer experiences.

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a 21 year old graphic design student in ESSTED building a career in writing web content and art direction, passionate about visual communication and design thinking

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