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All these years of education, yet they never taught us how to study effectively. If you find yourself spending a whole day on your desk rereading the same page drowning in textbooks and notes , then in this article you will find easy tips to study effectively, to upgrade your studying routine….

1- Plan, plan, plan:

Planning your revision ahead is crucial. You’ll have a clear vision of your day and feel less overwhelmed. You’ll feel in control of your time. However, you need to plan your breaks too and learn to make your schedule more flexible.

To plan effectively , you can use planning apps such as Notion; Microsoft planner and Planner Pro .To manage your study schedule more and get a lot done without feeling drained you can use the pomodoro technique ( Study session for 25min and a break of 5min).You can find timers online to organize those sessions. We’ll link all the suggested apps downbelow.

How to plan your Study Time - YouTube

2- No multitasking:

Doing more than one thing at a time gives you the illusion that you’re doing more but shifting your focus is rather a distraction than an accomplishment .

3- Choose quality over quantity:

You need to focus on the quality of your studying, not the quantity of material you work through or the amount of time you spend prepping.You can spend a whole day sitting on your desk without retaining a single information and vice versa. I like to think of it this way ; if I finish this or that in a couple hours, I’ll have the rest of the day for myself.

4- Test yourself:

Rereading the notes alone won’t help you memorise the material.Questions and quizzes are great. You can do it individually or ask a friend for some help .Plenty of online options are out there such as Quizlet,..

1.1.2 Test yourself -

5- Declutter your space:

As goes the old saying , clear space, clear mind. Having a dedicated study space will signal to your brain that it’s time to learn.It’s sciencetifically proven that messy desks and bedrooms increase stress and make the study process way harder.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Study Space

6- Reward yourself:

After ticking out a task from your todo list , having some rest , catching up with a friend or watching an episode of friends would motivate you to continue hustling later.Rewards build a learning habit and a notorious source of motivation.

To end on a positive note , take a deep breath and just start . School can be tough but so are you .The key here is perseverance; it takes time and effort to see a long-term change.
You got this !

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a 20 year old college student in FSEG Nabeul. I'm a junior entrepreneur at Neapolis Marketing Consulting junior enterprise. I'm passionate about books, writing and everything art related.

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