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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

– Benjamin Franklin

Since independence, education in Tunisia has taken a turn and our country has established a new system set by the old government. Slowly, education has become one of the most important sectors, bringing-up highly-qualified individuals, intellectually intelligent and proving that our system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Every year the government sets up a considerable budget for the educational field. However, our education system has been ranked 90 out of 182 back in 2007 which makes our methods old-fashioned and our content needing an urgent update.

In this situation, a lot of solutions have been thrown on the floor and a lot of initiatives have been suggested and discussed which are either in progress or still in the plan phase.

One of the most common solutions that were always suggested by experts is the implementation of technology. Unfortunately, Tunisia doesn’t have the necessary means to make these come to life. While developed countries are competing to preserve the top-ranking positions in education, Tunisia is still struggling with technology implementation which are making the tunisian methods of learning difficult. Although tunisian students have proven all over the years that they have a dazzling potential in different fields, the lack of resources and developed but mainly technological means would put them at a disadvantage compared to other students all over the world.

Besides, an important factor comes into play here which is the lack of psychological assistance. Professors must be well-trained to be aware of the mental health issues the teenagers are facing. Psychologists also must be based in each and every institution no matter what the age is in order to support students on the emotional level and raise awareness about the importance of mental health.

Moreover, the scholar content of the classes should be updated. Some of the classes that I am currently taking are old-fashioned and repetitive, it’s based on short term rather than the long learning term which makes us feel bored with the every year non-changing topics and keeps us always turning around the same interests. Some classes revolving around soft skills and social ones should be encouraged since these are extremely important in work life afterwards. The overload of classes should be also revised.

Education in Tunisia doesn’t push the students to unleash their creativity and work on their individual interests and potential. Instead of discovering their own skills and developing them, the system works on shaping only one stereotype like another brick in the wall.

Even though our contents and methods are not the required ones for better results and a balanced society, I still see light at the end of the tunnel and we should also participate by our voices and effort to make a change not to leave it all on the government.

writer : Hiba BOUGHRARA


High school student at Pioneer high school 15 October 1963 bizerte, enjoys writing and drawing, passionate about diplomacy and member in TIMUN bizerte, a social activist at international Junior Chamber of Bizerte and founder of the online group Environmenthy

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