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First impression is the last impression.

This simple yet deep-seated quote leads to the fact that first impressions always count on every occasion, and your defense is no different. No matter how excellent your speaking skills are and how interesting your content is, your style is still massively important and dressing as per the occasion definitely gives you an edge over others.

Dress to impress :

During your defense, and even before you say your first word, the jury will make a silent judgment about you, based largely on the way you look, which will decide if you’ll grab the attention from the start or, far from it, you’ll be the cause of distraction.
It’s not just how others see you, It’s also how you see yourself. There is a direct correlation between what we wear and how we view our potential. Wearing the right clothes means feeling good about yourself and being able to put the best version out into public.Furthermore, do not forget that dressing sensibly plays an essential role in earning respect for you.
Lastly, try to avoid blunders in dressing, seeing yourself in the mirror before stepping out for your defense.

What’s the dress code for girls?

Business formal is a dress code that is often suggested for such occasions. It can include a nice, appropriate skirt and an equally formal blouse, a dark pants suit or a business dress with high heels.

Tasteful accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, or belts, are encouraged as long as they aren’t over-the-top and still look professional.
Hair should still be neatly styled, such as blow-dried, or in a ponytail or bun.

Also, try to keep the color palette mostly neutral to maintain an air of seriousness such as gray, black, white or brown… (Tip: Limit the number of brightly colored items to one, and make sure it is not the dominant color of your outfit. No bright orange dress!)
Avoid overdressing, you don’t have to look like a makeup box while addressing people, otherwise you will attract the attention but for all the wrong reasons. Also, overpowering perfume, chunky accessories and extremely short and tight skirts aren’t welcome as making sure you’re wearing comfortable, goes a long way to ensuring you’re dressed appropriately.Remember, the overall idea is to look neat, tidy and presentable.

What’s the dress code for boys?
Business Formal/Semi Formal are the most adequate dress codes when it comes to boys as well.It’s recommended to have a clean shave with well-trimmed hair along with a crisp shirt and trousers with polished shoes.
Also, a well-tailored, attractive suit is an excellent investment and make sure it’s dry-cleaned and pressed , or you run the risk of feeling uncomfortable or looking messy.

For shoes, opt for classic styles such as brogues or a plain, dark, five-eyelet derby on a round-toe last.
Again, choose neutral colors—navy, gray, black, and brown—, when it comes to color, less is still more: “You just need a bit of it, in one garment.”
It’s important to not overlook the importance of clean teeth, clean nails and a proper haircut. Also don’t wear rumpled or dirty clothes, clothes that are too loose or too tight, untucked shirts and filthy shoes. After all, the devil resides in the details.

To conclude, dressing plays an important role during your defense as it certainly reflects your personality and overall attitude. Never underestimate the power of a good outfit!



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