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YOU DID IT DUDE !! I know it’s been a tough year but you made it anyway.

I hope you all have been taking the last week to rest, relax and celebrate (while respecting sanitary measures) after all the efforts and the hard work of the past 4 years that has finally paid off. Now it is time to take a step forward, towards the next level to make a major life decision and start building your academic career.
So we, Hiba and Yasmine, two second year management students, are here to offer an insight on our experience with the orientation and in our university ESSECT.


Over the last decade, orientation has been the most stressful phase after graduating high school. It is true that having plenty of choices is beneficial but it does not make it easier to choose.
Nevertheless, you should not worry about it because it’s not that big of a deal, all you have to do is :

  • Highlight the majors you’re most interested in.
  • Consult university rankings and calculate the required score.
  • Check the course content.
  • See what sports and clubs / NGOs are on offer.
  • Make sure you’ve chosen the right major. It’s necessary to be 100% sure about it.

However, accessing resources off campus can really be a challenge, also a clear satisfying answer to all your questions is hard to find. We’d recommend sitting down and taking time to acquaint yourself with seniors who can help you clear up your vision and demonstrate the process in the simplest way possible.

As students who had economic baccalaureate and graduated high school with average grades, it wasn’t really hard for us to make up our minds and choose our major, since we decided to pursue the same field. Just like you, we had too many options, we asked around and reached a lot of people to get their opinions and share their experiences with us. We ended up with various feedback about the matter and eventually we opted for ESSECT.

ESSECT (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales de Tunis)
This university is considered the first in the economic field, one of the best higher schools in Tunis and it is also ranked first in Tunisia as a business school with reinforcing international influence. It provides 3 main majors :

  • Management Science : You’ll get the chance to study 5 main subjects which are Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. By the end of your second year you’ll be choosing one of them as your speciality.
  • Economics Science : You’ll get to learn about many interesting subjects such as Business Economics, Political and Economic Analysis, Banking Finance and Insurance and also Economic and financial engineering.
  • Management IT : If you’re interested in computer science and management then this licence is perfect for you and you’ll get to know everything you need about E-Business.

Our 2 year experience has been a mix of both positive times and challenges.

We had a really good relationship with our professors who were there for us offering help and clarity. Besides, we made a lot of inspiring friendships and we got the chance to build up our community life by joining multiple clubs including ENACTUS, JUNIOR ENTREPRISE, HULT PRIZE and ROTARACT. In case you’re not interested in clubs, you can entertain yourself by going downtown which is 5 minutes away where you’ll be surrounded by every means of transport needed, or you can go chill in one of the famous two coffee shops nearby the university, Chez nous and Pause.

On the other hand, we had to deal with the downsides. We had difficulties communicating with the college administration and with our security outside of the college’s building which are common issues between universities.

Everyone’s first year at university is bound to be different. It’s a major step up from high school to college that will bring you new friends, allow you to discover new places and live new experiences. Thus, you need to take your time, think wisely and consider your future career. Good luck dude, you got this !

Link of the university’s website : ESSECT

You can also read : FSEGN a personal experience from a first year managment student

– by Yasmine Zaïdi & Hiba Gharsalli


21-year-old girl studying management at ESSECT and a member of the International Junior Chamber of Mhamdia.

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