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Sup’Com Junior Entreprise never ceases to impress and therefore we brought you this time a unique and an outstanding event that would undoubtedly be memorable.

Code in the Dark is a programming competition created by Tictail (now Shopify) back in 2013.
There have now been similar events all over the world. And we took the great honor of delivering its Tunisian first edition that will absolutely be the next most stirring event you get to witness this year.

Our Tunisian edition of CODE IN THE DARK is an opportunity for programming enthusiasts to unveil their talents in an euphoric and above all festive atmosphere where dance and music combine to give an original result, which will take place on March 26, 2022, at the Technopole el Ghazala – Ariana Conference venue.

The concept is both simple and daunting in equal measures – inviting the most confident and fearless, Front-End Developers to battle against each other in a series blind coding challenges in a quest to crown not only one Dark champion but also three of them.

Another thing that makes it particularly thrilling and enjoyable is that no preview of results is allowed during implementation and no measurement tools can be used.

But what if you’re not into coding? It’s still the best place for you to spend a Saturday evening, and dance far into the night. We got you the best party ever and special surprise dancers that will rock your night all along with various activities. Still not tempted enough?

Not only winners will be rewarded after having demonstrated their excellence, also a random winner will be chosen among the crowds. What wonderful surprises await you!

So do not hesitate to join us, bring your loved ones, invite your friends and be there the day of the competition in an exhilarating atmosphere!

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Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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