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Club Info+ , based in the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis at El Manar campus since 1978, launches the 2nd edition of INFOHACK in partnership with FST computer science department.

A hackathon that focuses on the field of web development and will be held over two days on February 26 and 27, 2022 in the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis where student developers divided into teams, will have to propose a technically viable solution to a given problem during 24 hours.

The event will be marked by workshops and conferences in the field of IT, to ensure that the speakers and participants present a real sharing of knowledge and ideas in a proactive approach. It is an opportunity for students to promote their skills to find relevant solutions, to live a full and vivid experience that strengthens their technical and personal side.

For further informations you can contact : Info Plus or INFOHACK


Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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  • Khemiri, February 21, 2022 @ 20:49 Reply

    Super excited

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