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Jobs was/ and still is one of the best and most exciting events for Young Entrepreneurs in Tunisia. It was hosted and organized by the JET ( Junior Enterprises of Tunisia) in collaboration with the Tunisian Red Crescent on both the 20th and 21st of December 2020.

This year, and due to covid-19, it was held both in real life and virtually. A limited number of lucky participants were able to attend it, in Palmyra Aqua Park Kantaoui Sousse Hotel, and that is with respect to all health guidelines and rules like wearing their masks and social distancing.

As for the rest of participants, they attended it from the comfort of their homes. They could watch all the seminars and learn from other Entrepreneurs through their discussions about, for example, the future of Junior Enterprises in Tunisia and how they need to cope with the worldwide pandemic that’s going on right now. And that is all live on a Tunisian platform called Evey that enabled the online participants to attend multiple workshops (certified) and learn about new things like Branding, Design, Photoshop, SEO (search engine optimization) and many others.

Meanwhile, those who had the opportunity to physically attend JOBS got to meet other aspiring Young Entrepreneurs and discuss different topics (all of that with practicing social distancing of course). In fact, listening to all those interesting people was so informative for not only they were able to analyze the current situation -enterprises after covid19 and its digitalization- but also give them the chance to ask the right questions that lead to the perfect solution.

In addition to all the workshops, there was a Business Competition in which members were classified in zones and each zone had a topic of interest -for example, how a company like Jumia could raise their sells by integrating more young audiences, etc.

This was an opportunity for Participants to go through team building and work together to create a project from scratch about the topic given and present it to the judges. 

To sum it up, those who attended jobs will certainly agree that the thrill they felt while creating their special war cry is amazing. Simply, because you feel that you belong to something huge, something bigger than just the sum of your own parts, something that gives you purpose and meaning.

JOBS 2020 was a unique enriching seminar and perhaps life-changing experience for the most of us. We got to network, learn and also have fun with like-minded people in the middle of a world crisis.


Neapolis marketing consulting (NMC) Junior entreprise is a consulting firm located in the Faculty of Economics and Management of Nabeul founded in August 2018.

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