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How did Pitch For Change start?

Harriet Tubman once said, “To change the world, you must remember that you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars.” 

Although we are all searching for change around us, whether that change is laws changing or simply things to get better, the world tends to deprive us of the necessary opportunities, to reach for those stars. 

Three years ago, in a hopeless era filled with mandatory confinements, appeared a blue lightbulb to offer the world some light. 

The first edition: 

The first edition of Pitch For Change was the first online event in the Tunisian junior enterprise network. In collaboration with the SDG Camps, our goal was to have quality solutions for the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. In this edition, three teams had a pitch worth having their ideas adopted by our collaborator. 

The second edition:

As for the second edition, once again aiming to bring on change upon our community, Melkart Junior Enterprise organized an event that gathered over 100 participants and six talented teams working all day aiming to bring on change. 

To ensure the quality of the projects, workshops were offered to our competitors a day before the event. And a panel on the subject of entrepreneurship was held on the second day while the competition took place. 

After pitching to our jury, the winning team went home with a generous prize and the opportunity to have their project adopted. 

This year our bulb is shining brighter:

Like the previous editions, MELKART JE never fails to spoil its network with new concepts and achievements.

Concept : 

PFC3.0 came up this time with the idea to engage all junior entrepreneurs and different young Tunisian talents to participate in shaping a better future for our country in 2022. Driven by their innovation, they will unlock subjects of our actualities that do not seem to get the attention or credits they deserve.

The principal parts of PFC3.0 : 

-“22h to change 22 Tunisia”: just like the entitlement, groups of participants from different universities, having a diverse range of knowledge are going to participate in a 22 hours competition to solve issues that were proposed by Tunisian companies using low and high tech solutions.

Later on, the participants will pitch their ideas to the jurors to choose the winning team.

– A series of workshops in which delicate subjects will be treated that seem to be crucial in our youth’s growth, such as how to create your start-up, design thinking, and blockchain.  

– Different speakers will share their experiences with the audience and open a window for discussion in subjects like freelance. 

– An exposition, where you can meet representatives of different enterprises. 

To sum up: 

Dear reader, you are invited to join us on the 22nd and the 23rd of March at the city of sciences. Whether you wish to be a pitcher or amongst our audience, we guarantee you an exceptional experience. 

Don’t forget to follow our events page to keep track of the upcoming surprises. 

Check our website (follow the link) or our Facebook page (follow the link) for further information.

Article by : MELKART Junior Entreprise ENICarthage



Filmmaker and a social activist at Junior Chamber International of Hammamet since 2016, currently studying cinematography (3rd year) at ESAD Tunis.

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