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10 months following my first MUN experience , I found myself once again intrigued, guided with an unprecedented urge of going through an identical journey .Yet , things are quite dissimilar this time .

As a first timer I was driven by a big enthusiasm for the behinds of the utopian motive of changing the world by gen z capabilities, an undeniable wave that is taking a whole generation by realm . Now that things started getting more tangible about it , my queries were this time a sort of skepticism about the concept and the acclaimed utopia as a whole :is this motive with MUN concept even solid ?
As a first timer delegate , already soaked in the Orwellian dystopian account and moved by the socio-political status quo ,my values and adopted principles and theories were highly challenged as the anticipated contradicted the reality under the roof of committees and the yards of coffee breaks.

To dive more into the matter , my main means was joining an MUN as a press corp correspondent , witnessing happenings with the bigger eyes and less of a bias .I therefore concluded the pre TIMUN traditions , got my computer and headed to the American Cooperative School of Tunis : shall the MUNar landing mission starts now

The event was attended by TIMUN representatives from all over the national bureaus , additionally to independent participants , myself , who were either seeking timun knowledge to get involved in timun clubs in the future or who were having enough evaluating the performances with a distant eye .
I was thrilled when I was first informed that I would be assisting the historical committee of st. James conference as I have been always wondering how might future resolutions be implemented while having a flooding knowledge about the outlook and would we really learn from the past as we all reckon.

So I took a seat in the designated journalist area with my colleague , a pretty far corner from the delegate’s in a way that every single action and intervention could be seen yet we are unlikely to be noticed .

Now that everyone took his seat , the effervescence of discussions and dilemmas was officially announced with the opening speeches . You could easily see delegates smoothly , or heavily swinging between centering in definitions , counterarguments and words and focusing on their proper beliefs that brought them to the room of the committee.All forms of negotiations were brought , formally addressing the matter of the ongoing WW2 , gathering in small circles bridging the gap or roaming the room displaying their plans . Whether they were playing their roles or personally tied to the cause , all the eyes were brightening under their last nominations , aspiring to conquer the designation of the “omniscient” best delegate .

As journalists, we were going through another genre of thrills ,from picking up designs for our breaking news , taking notes of delegates’ words coming back and forth and sometimes coming up with meme ideas with the skin of our teeth .Yet my favorite took place in the newsroom , the room of buzz i might add .There , we workshopped our ideas as journalists , exchanged our ideas , probable skepticism about our picked article ideas and swapping words of support , backing and cheering .
We were supposed to submit our articles of our concerned committees by 13:30 of the second day and yes , the unspeakable adrenaline rush was there . The second day before the deadline was the day where all the circumstances felt like a real Press workload .

You could see journalists having all their glances on their computers or wandering the place ,looking for inspiring ideas and ways of paraphrasing their already existing thoughts, until the rush was over and a colleague of ours wrote it down on the board :”All articles were submitted”.
I personally chose to complete the final touches of my article under the turmoil of the committee , aspiring not to miss any unwritten “scoop”in favor of the BBC agency and my “ beloved mother the UK” .I reckon it was the biased article that probably wouldn’t satisfy the delegates of my committees very well .But isn’t journalism “printing what someone else does not want published “? .Bless Orwell for his words.

The simulation ended with the “gift “ the secretary general told us to enjoy : an orchestra swinging between the east melodies and the jewels of Chopin .There you would find yourself taken away from the run and gun of committees and reaching the real “ beyond “ of the simulation’s motto “ to diplomacy and beyond” .

Now that i spent two days with TIMUN participants reading their respective works , demystifying their intentions and goals and witnessing the workload of committees. I was able to solidly answer my skepticism . Probably the MUN , under the symbol of peacebuilding , was a disguise , a mere stage presence to build your personal speaking skills , to solidify your college and work acceptance or to walk down the amphitheater knowing that you won the title of best delegate . Yet , through the delegates’ devotion , the chairs ‘ constant assistance , the efforts of Oc members and the executive board , I could conclude that the MUN concept as a whole has the potential to make additional huge steps and has yet more revolutionary impactful work to offer.

Enhancing the concept and surpassing the limits of a mere “ role playing” is therefore highly possible . That’s why I would personally call for those who want to take action to contribute to this enhancement ,and look beyond the edge of trophies because you are in one of the most potent concepts of making a change . In this national Grand simulation , the” M” in TIMUN stood for mightiness , rigor that proved the legitimacy of calling MUN a very potent concept and I personally believe in its upcoming achievements : The MUN rocked therefore successfully landed .



studying experimental sciences in Marie Curie high school Manouba , keen on social sciences and economics and currently an ambassador at Womenpreneur Digital hub and World Literacy Foundation with extensive volunteer experience

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