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The concept of Young entrepreneurship consists of developing a mindset of young people supporting each other in the business world to combine efforts and knowledge  that’s why NMC JE has organized the third edition of “YoungPreneur “an event directed by students to help other students  get to know the movement better  .This event is the biggest in the region with more than 250 participants .It will take place on April 4th & 5th  in hotel “Chichkhan” Hammamet

YoungPreneur ‘s goal is to bring together people from different backgrounds, experiences and expertise because we strongly believe in collaboration within and outside of our business units and networks . 

The event offers you an opportunity to develop yourself and your career with a rich program mainly consisting of training sessions

Participants arrival

In the morning there will be a `check in’ so The participants have to be there by 8:00AM  followed by The opening Ceremony and the Conference . 

What is a seminar conference?

A seminar is organized to discuss a particular topic . They are usually educational in nature with the purpose of helping attendees acquire knowledge and gain new skills 

We have three main topics during the conference :

The first one will be about stock exchange 

So what is the stock exchange ?

Well the stock exchange is a giant globally network that tend to organize the market place where everyday huge sums of money are moved back and forth and by huge sums of money I mean more than the value of all goods and services of the entire world economy .

How does it work ? how can we sell and buy shares ?and what are the benefits of stock exchange ? 

all of that and more will be discussed in the conference so be sure to not miss it .

the second topic will be about entrepreneurship and success mindset . All about business plans investing, and being mentally ready for starting your own business . We’ll talk about business ideas. Do you really need an idea to start your business ? if yes how can we come up and grow it . Along with how to establish  and build your business from zero and how to develop a success mindset ? the steps, tips and more  

And last but not least , we invited a special guest to talk about his success story to not only motivate our attendees but also to offer them the opportunity to analyze and live his experience it may challenge you to improve your argument, and make you realize the flaws in your thinking 

Training sessions 

And seeing as how launching a business is hard we have selected a variety of packs of hard and soft skills that are essential to your future career . 

There will be 6 packs featuring personal and conflict management , ,startups, python ,marketing, artificial intelligence …etc. Not to mention we’ve tried to set a reasonable cost considering that the event is mainly oriented for students 

The training sessions of the first day will consist of hard skills which are  job-specific and  include the expertise necessary for an individual to successfully to do his job .


And because business networking is a social economic activity by which groups of like-minded business people recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities our participants and our guests will have the opportunity to get to know new people and expand their business network just after Dinner .

Why is business networking important ? 

Networking allows you access to opportunities you might not be able to find on you own .It also allows you to take advantage of the experiences of others before you invest your time ,effort and money in particular venture .And if you are a business owner it gives you potential clients, collaborators ,potential suppliers and even investors 

The second day 

After having breakfast , there will be the soft skills training sessions our choice was based on they’re importance and giving that they are interpersonal and behavioral skills ,they are in high demand now especially since employers look for them in candidates because these skills are important for long –term success 

Then there will be an closing ceremony which will set an end to the “YoungPreneur 0.3”

Why you should attend our event ? 

By attending “YoungPreneur” you will get a clearer vision of your future company or your existing one .It will help your business to boost sales . increase efficiency and build awareness of your brand . 

One of the most important tasks in any society is the education and training of young people .It is key to employment ,progress and a strong society and economy . Join us to dive together into the business world and to create the future we want ! 
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For more information, please contact their Facebook page :
This event can be the reason why you will open up on a better horizon, do not miss the opportunity.


Neapolis marketing consulting (NMC) Junior entreprise is a consulting firm located in the Faculty of Economics and Management of Nabeul founded in August 2018.

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