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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily

In this time of negativity and despair that the epidemiological health situation has caused you really need a dose of

ENIB Discuss Success

The ENIB Junior Entreprise organizes “DISCUSS SUCCESS”, an event based on conferences animated by successful profiles in their fields with

Roady, get paid for driving your way

How it started? It started with a funny story, a friend of us, Skander, who had taken, by mistake, his

Find Good Internships Offers In Tunisia

What is you may ask ?  Almost every student in Tunisia needs to find an internship opportunity in his

JET Spring Seminar is Finally Back

As it was once said, one who wants to wear the crown, must bear the crown. Being a member of

4 Transformative Ideas From Peter Thiel’s Zero to One

In this book, Peter Thiel argues for “Radical innovation”, “Definite optimism”, “Anti-competitiveness”, and “Contrarian thinking” Radical innovation:The “lean startup” approach

What You Need to Know About Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Program, the ideal international academic exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government, has fostered mutual understanding between the

8 Types of People That Should Be Avoided

“ A man is known by the company he keeps ” Choosing your circle wisely has a big impact on

Code in The Dark, the Blind Coding Challenge by SupCom

Sup’Com Junior Entreprise never ceases to impress and therefore we brought you this time a unique and an outstanding event

YoungPreneur Official Seminar in its Fourth Edition

The concept of Young entrepreneurs consists of integrating college students in the professional life and reviving the mindset of creation

Pitch For Change 3.0: The Flagship Event of MELKART JUNIOR

How did Pitch For Change start? Harriet Tubman once said, “To change the world, you must remember that you have