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In this time of negativity and despair that the epidemiological health situation has caused you really need a dose of motivation to overcome these difficulties and complete your path to achieve the goals that you have already set.
we’ve got what you exactly need to stay motivated :

1- Make clear and specific goals:
If you still have not made either simple or challenging goals, make up your mind and write these down. While making your goals list, you shouldn’t go hard on yourself, try to make it reasonable but effective. Don’t forget that by getting out of your comfort zone you can experience new things and fight your fears. Don’t hesitate to dream big but have realistic expectations, dreaming too high can also hurt you too bad.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.

– Lawrence J. Peter

2-Make a schedule:
If you prefer setting your own calendar, you should start by organizing the activities
from the most important to the least important then add the deadline and the frequency.
This is going to help you compare the goals and put them into your plan according to your specific priorities.
Scheduling can be sometimes tricky and exhausting this is why there are also some apps that would help you to make your own and appropriate schedule such as myHomework Student Planner .

Remember that the purpose of taking this step is to organize your life and make it easier so don’t stress yourself out when you need to make some changes through the year to feel better while doing the activities. Remain flexible!

3-Eat well:
If you’re among those who would skip meals and eat less to look thin or eat burgers on a daily basis, either cases I am so sorry to tell you: you’re just hurting yourself. You’re not only making your body suffer but your mind as well. As a teenager, you might not give much attention to these behaviors and start either starving yourself or eating too much, not knowing that these acts might lead to physical and mental health problems. Remember that food is your fuel. So, Balanced nutrition will help you get the power to deliver excellent work, feel good about yourself and your body and get the best of you out. This is why you should eat well and take care of yourself to have a healthy lifestyle!

By the way, you can check our article about maintaining a healthy lifestyle :

4-Sleep well:
Getting your full 8 hours of sleep would give you all what you need to start a good day
: energy, motivation and high self esteem. Your brain and your body need a rest to be able to concentrate and give the full 100% you. To have a good night, avoid using the phone before going to bed or in bed. Instead, do some meditation or read a book. Did you know that reading before sleeping could reduce your stress level? Keep in mind that having a certain amount of sleep is elementary to enjoy a peaceful day full of energy.

5-Mirror, mirror on the wall…..Who’s the best little girl of them all?
You might ignore the importance of standing in front of the mirror and complementing
yourself everyday. However, this simple gesture might have a significant effect on your mental health and could motivate you to work more. “You’re beautiful”, “You’re worth it”, “You can do it”, these motivations that seem so simple would highlight your day. So , if you still don’t consider it as a daily routine, add it to your habits!

6- Keep yourself surrounded with positive people:
Being optimistic, ambitious and strong-willed are the elementary basics to motivate yourself, focus on what you’ve got in your life and be grateful as you are definitely privileged in a certain way. No one could deny that surrounding yourself by people that share these same qualities can push you up instead of pulling you down. Also, keeping competitive teenagers in your entourage is going to develop your skills and broaden your mind.

Chhht! Do you hear this voice? Listen to your body language and let your muscles and bones give you an idea on your actual health. Besides your academic and intellectual interest, reserve a room for your body care. Even if you haven’t started exercising yet, it’s never too late! Whether you choose martial arts (karate, taekwondo..) or meditation ( check our article about how to meditate :, the benefits of these activities are infinite. As you might be quarantined, you can start exercising at home, so many
apps would help you.

8- Don’t let those ideas chase you:
Don’t let the virus make you give up your goals, even if it’s an obstacle to pursue your extracurricular activities or go have fun with your friends, you can always find a solution by keeping in touch virtually or continuing your activities online. Actually, so many teenagers are connecting with each other to continue their normal activities using different platforms.

9- Believe:
Believing in yourself is the key
. Even when you feel low, you should remind yourself that you still have hope. Even if you fail, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t let all the obstacles distract you as if you get rejected once, this doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed on your second, third, forth… try. Did you know that JK Rowling got rejected by 12 editors before she got to publish the Harry Potter books? Instead of giving up, she just kept trying until her book was published. The moral is that you should be strong-willed to achieve these goals, maybe you would feel exhausted or hopeless, just don’t give up.

No matter how hard the battle gets or no matter how many people DON’T believe in your dream, Never give up!

Eric Thomas

10- Reward yourself:
After having a whole month of hard work and holding your sheets with A grades, you can reward yourself: Have a day off, buy that little dress you saw while window-shopping, eat your favorite food ….Keep it simple and just treat yourself well!

To sum up, if you follow these tips you can easily stay motivated for 2021 and achieve all of your goals. Don’t forget to stay safe!


High school student at Pioneer high school 15 October 1963 bizerte, enjoys writing and drawing, passionate about diplomacy and member in TIMUN bizerte, a social activist at international Junior Chamber of Bizerte and founder of the online group Environmenthy

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