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Staying at home sucks i know, we all hate being stuck there 24/7 watching TV or fighting with our siblings.. But due to the sanitary measures and the social distancing protocoles we have to respect the rules, indeed at first we all liked the idea of the unlimited holiday, but then when we got used to it, it became more and more boring and hard to handle, here are some activities that you can practice while staying at home during lockdown : 

Be productive : 

  • Read some books : 

Just because libraries are closed doesn’t mean you can’t read, you can start a reading challenge with your friends and enjoy your time at home while enhancing your imagination / empathy, and expanding your vocabulary. And in case you’re just like me, so lazy that it may take you months to finish reading a few books, here’s an easy method to finish them faster, type Internet archive on google and just listen to the book if you’re too lazy to read. 

white book page on brown wooden table
  • Learn something new : 

Do you like maths ? it actually doesn’t matter if you like or not, just hear me out : 

Being quarantined at home for days + having nothing to do = Boredom and hunger 

You can always beat that by trying new recipes from other cultures and countries. 

There are plenty of things you can learn while you’re at home, for instance you can master painting, drawing, singing, playing musical instruments or even writing if you’re into art. In case you’re multilingual you can add a new language to the list. You can always boost your career by adding new certificates to your CV, here’s some websites that provides plenty of free courses that you can check anytime : 

Harvard free courses

Coursera free courses

Google digital garage  

laptop on top of table beside vase of flowers
  • Practice sport :

We all know that staying at home for a long while will cause weight gain, the least you can do to prevent that is to download an app and start exercising in your own room. You can also read : Living a healthy lifestyle.

orange and black usb cable on brown wooden surface

Be lazy : 

  • Make a movie / TV shows list to watch :  

Most of us like to binge watch series for hours until we get bored. I suggest making a list to arrange your watching schedule in order to enjoy your time. 

For example you can start the day with a comedy show, then spice it later with a few episodes of your favourite series, and finish it with a movie night with your family. 

If you’re looking for what you should watch next you can check this instagram account : @netflixrecommendations2021.

person holding remote pointing at TV
  • Try gaming : 

Don’t believe the rumors you hear about gaming, it’s not an addiction and it’s not as they make it seem to be, in fact it’s a fun pastime that will introduce you to many online friends from all over the world and will improve your social skills. It can also teach you how to be a fast problem solver and quicken your reflexes.

person using desktop computer
  • Have a day off :

It’s okay not to do anything all day and it’s totally fine to be lazy. I know it’s hard to maintain a productive lifestyle while being locked in your home 24/7, I just want you to know that there’s no harm in laying down all day if you don’t feel like doing anything, always remember that we’ve all been there and it’ll be okay you just have to stay strong and try not drown in your own thoughts.

person lying on bed covered with blanket

It’s a very hard phase but we’re all in this together we should stay home and stay safe to protect ourselves and our families, going out with friends is fun, going to the gym is fun, visiting cinemas and coffee shop is hella fun, but it’s too dangerous and risky, please stay home and take care of yourself, i’m sure it’ll pass. You got this dude! 


21-year-old girl studying management at ESSECT and a member of the International Junior Chamber of Mhamdia.

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