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Honestly I couldn’t find a better way to word the title of this article and I think that’s the exact fit. To create your personality is a process that some people are aware of and some simply do it unintentionally. It becomes harder but exciting for teenagers and adults who are actually aware that they are, in fact, capable of creating their own personalities and their pattern of thoughts. And if you are curious enough to know how you can do it, because obviously you can ,then continue reading this article .

1- try new things
That’s it , get out of your comfort zone . You can’t change your personality and morph it into your desired one until you actually get to know what you already have, which is actually your present personality. The one that you maybe didn’t choose but that was implanted in your DNA since the day you were born .
Try new things. Do the things that you never thought you would do, go to places that you were too scared to go to, talk to people , all kinds of people and simply be open to differences. Don’t judge them, get to know them and take a look at their mindsets .

Speaking from my personal experience, being open to new experiences, new places and new surroundings has done me wonders, I’m unconditionally grateful for all the people that I allowed into my life who overal influenced me in a good and a bad way . I learnt throughout the years to be tolerant, to be kind and selfless, to be excited for little things which I see them as blessings and easily be happy, I learned how to live in the moment and not worry about anything else, I also learned how to find solutions for problems and not creating problems to the solutions and let me tell you, that was a big deal to me because I also learned that from a previous friend of mine, and I learned it the hard way .

What I mentioned above leads us to the next point which is : the area outside your comfort zone should not be perfect. You shouldn’t expect it to be all butterflies and magic because then my friend, reality will hit you hard. You have to accept that you’ll face issues from time to time, you’ll let people in and you’ll get hurt when they leave, you’ll make friends and lose some, you’ll try new things and you’ll feel embarrassed when you fail doing the things you were excited to try and that’s totally okay, because that’s what’s life is about, full of ups and downs. I made those mistakes, every single one of them and I couldn’t be more grateful and happy that I did. After all it made me the person who I am today, stronger and ready to go further away from my comfort zone .
The point of trying new things is being exposed to all types of different personality traits, getting to know yourself better, making mistakes and learning from them.

2- be selective with your surroundings
After going out of your comfort zone, comes step two which is being selective and aware of your surroundings. You have to be smart and confident while choosing your circle. You’ll have to be a good observer too because, we all know
“ You can’t control the people who come into your life but you can choose from which window you’ll throw them ”
I forgot how the quote goes but you get the point..
And I’m mainly bringing this up because as humans we are easily influenced by the outside world and the people who surround us, so you have to be careful.

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For instance let’s say you want to create a personality for yourself and the main trait you’re aiming for is intelligence and ambition. In this case, you can’t surround yourself with people who aren’t smart, then you’ll find yourself downgrading and simply be left dumbfounded, which means it would be better if you surround yourself with people who actually have the traits you’re aiming for, the people you surround yourself with should align with your goal.
“ The more you focus on what you’re aiming for ,the higher the chance of hitting the target will be ”

3- actually CREATE your personality
This step is meant to be done on paper, that way, you will basically be bringing your desired new version of yourself into life so you can actually get a clear view on what you’re aiming for and actually see it written down. The effects are supposed to be psychological.

You went outside your comfort zone, you tried new things, you made mistakes, you failed, you got back up ,you picked the people who positively influence you and you distinguished the traits you admire about them and now you’re slowly morphing into them, now all what is still left to do is to clear up your mind .

Step one :
Write down the positive traits your best version of yourself has in his or her personality.
Step two :
Write down the negative traits that you have now and how you can fix them
( because it’s important to distinguish your negative traits and accept them in order for you to be able to fix them )
Step three :
Write down the experiences you made outside your comfort zone and what you learned from them.
Step four :
What are you waiting for to start being that person?.

Life is never supposed to be boring, you’re not supposed to be who you are told to be, you are supposed to be what you want to be. Our daily mistake is looking into ourselves in the mirror and telling ourselves to be who others want us to be, and it shouldn’t be that way. So get your pen and paper and create the YOU you thrive to be instead. And I hope you have fun and life changing adventures during the process.

If you want to know what kind of persons you are, try this free test personality :


A soon-to be junior highschool student at Med Boudhina in hammamet and a member of the international junior chamber of hammamet since 2019.


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