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Today i will be focusing on introducing the art of meditation as it is profoundly an interesting topic that has been supremely underrated and misunderstood by the majority of our population although for other people meditation has been a life changing experience worth spreading awareness about .

introducing meditation 

Meditation is basically the act of disconnecting from the world around you by simply contemplating it and not judging it .When people meditate they tend to shift their focus on the littlest details that are worth noticing  .for instance , the constant lifting of their chest caused by the sensation of the air traveling through their lungs while they inhale and exhale slowly.

The sound of silence and peace is an important factor in meditation as it helps the individual shift from consciousness aka gamma waves to the slower alfa waves which predominates when an individual is occupied by relaxing and calming activities such as taking nature walks , attending yoga classes and of course the focus of our topic , meditating .

The alpha waves play a role in protecting our minds throughout the process of doing relaxing activities from paying too much attention to superfluous thoughts aka overthinking. And the more you try to relax during meditation the less effective it becomes ( find out more about brain waves at : what happens to your mind during meditation)

Meditation has saved several people’s lives and health because it teaches you to live in the present moment, not yesterday, nor tomorrow but rather today. “The prevalence of anxiety disorders across the world varies from 2.5 to 7 percent by country. Globally an estimated 284 million people experienced an anxiety disorder in 2017, making it the most prevalent mental health or neurodevelopmental disorder.” 
(link : › mental-health) 

As we see , mental disorders such as anxiety are spreading all around the world , those numbers are people who actually admit having anxiety , but little do we know the amount of people who don’t have the guts to get their mental health checked .I brought up people who suffer from anxiety because that’s what happens when you shift your focus on the future and completely dismiss the present moment. And the same disorder and malfunctions go to people who are stuck in the past and try to fix the unfixable.

Some people call meditation mindfulness because it’s intentional , you intend to focus on today as you leave yesterday behind and leave the future ahead. You admit to only being capable of controlling this moment , and you also accept that whatever the future holds is out of your hands. Might as well enjoy today .

Meditation Techniques  

There has been a misconception spreading around social media which states :“There is only one type of meditation (sitting with crossed legs)” and stating the obvious , that myth is completely wrong and with that said here are other different types of meditation :

Mindfulness meditation : You just have to simply pay attention to your thoughts , you recognize the pattern of your thinking. Avoid judging your thoughts or engaging with them just simply let them be. This practice combines concentration with awareness. It would be helpful to shift your focus on an object or simply the rhythm of your breath while you contemplate any bodily sensation , thoughts or feelings.

Spiritual meditation : Which is to reflect on the silence around you and simply seek a deeper connection with god no matter what religion you follow. 

Focused meditation : it’s kind of self explanatory , it involves concentration using all five senses , for example while staring at a candle flame. It might sound unusual but it benefits an individual’s concentrating capacity remarkably well .

Movement meditation : Pretty self explanatory too. It involves moving but not quite similar to yoga since this practice may include walking through the wood , gardening , and other gentle forms of motion but what makes them more distinguished and involved with meditation is the familiar pattern of breath and calm heartbeat rhythm plus the contemplation of the exterior world around the meditator. 

Benefits of meditation 

The purpose that pushed people and urged them to enter in this fascinating world of meditation and experience spiritual enlightening, are the good things that it provides people .Speaking from my personal experience, meditation has helped me a lot gaining a new perspective on stressful situations. You know it doesn’t have to always be chaos and issues , anger and unpredictable reactions caused by a quick fiery temper. By contemplating the world at least twice a day you learn to face problems and issues more wisely and accept them. Just like all the judgmental thoughts  that run through our minds. After all, complex is a part of life. 

If you look at the bright side you’ll allow it to make you wiser and not let it disturb your peace .Second positive effect will definitely be the fact that meditation increases patience and tolerance. Lord does it make me feel as if I am controlling more my reactions and the way I handle things in life. If I gave in to my anger and became impatient every time I faced a challenging situation I would have fallen into depression, but instead I chose to accept things , think about a safe way to deal with them rather than making a scene and disturbing the atmosphere even more and simply solve them.

 In the meantime protect my peace .Moving on to the last benefit I will be mentioning but not least, the fact that meditation played a huge role in increasing my creativity and imagination as a writer and an artist. We all need to spend time with ourselves once in a while. Far from social media and the mess of life. Simply in a quiet room , in silence feeling our presence and the vibration that’s within our bodies and simply channeling our energy with the world. Mindfulness has helped me recognize my thoughts and accept them as it is the purpose of meditation. And soon, as I was disconnecting from the world and flowing with my thoughts something triggered my imagination. 

Conclusion : 

To conclude meditation is a magnificent spiritual experience that every single human being has to experience at least once in their lives .it doesn’t take much to do , you just simply realize that you exist at this present moment and that you deserve some time to relax and simply let your thoughts be .dont judge them , let them simply be


A soon-to be junior highschool student at Med Boudhina in hammamet and a member of the international junior chamber of hammamet since 2019.


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