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As a future computer science undergrad student, you should pay more attention to competitive programming. It prepares you for great job opportunities by first improving your thinking ability.

Unfortunately, enicartage students didn’t get the chance to join a competitive programming club, but recently, five motivated enicarthage computer science students decided to take the challenge and to start their journey in this field by creating a competitive programming community in the National Engineering School of Carthage where they could share knowledge with all members. That’s how the story began, and they launched the CPC club.

Cpc Enicarthage is a new club launched in the national engineering school of Carthage, mainly for computer science students who are interested in problem solving. The club aims to train members on how to create and develop optimized solutions (algorithms) for any problem in order to participate in national and international competitions.

CPC enicarthage members believe in the motivation of beginners and know how practice makes everything perfect; you practice, you fail, you succeed, and then you will definitely learn how to solve complex problems and how to write fast and efficient code.

So please do not hesitate to contact it using this email address:

You can also check their page on Facebook : CPC Enicarthage


Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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