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Are you a student looking for a way out to explore life in America? Have you wished for a fully funded experience in the USA? Do you want to live the American Dream?
If yes, Thomas Jefferson Scholarship is the answer and this article might be useful for you to make your dream come true.

What is the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program?
The TJSP is a 100% funded scholarship presented by the American Government for undergraduate tunisian students to grant them an opportunity to spend a whole year studying in a university or a community college and an internship in America.
There are two types of scholarships :

  • The first is TCCSP which is dedicated to students of “ISET”, “ISAT” and “IHET”.
  • The second is UGRAD which is dedicated to students of any other university in tunisia.

Who’s eligible for this scholarship?
In order to benefit from this program, you have to respect these conditions:
You need to be over 18 years old, study in a tunisian university and this year shouldn’t be your graduation year.

What can you get from it?
The TJSP will offer an added value in your CV, perk up not only your academic background but also your professional one, and have an impact on your personality.
Apart from studying there, you’re going to gain new abilities, explore new cultures, improve your communication skills, increase your knowledge, and live the best moments of your life abroad.
It’s actually a wonderful lifetime experience that can change your life and your own perspective.

What’s the procedure?
If you have the right qualifications to be on this program, all you have to do is visit this website “Thomas Jefferson Scholarship” and submit your application by following these steps :
You should give general information about yourself.
You have to talk about your involvement in community life.
You need to write essays about your leadership skills, your way of accepting others, explain what you have planned for your future, what will be your outcome of this experience and what will you bring your country in return.
You’re required to provide a recommendation letter, which is very important. You can get it from your english professor or your superior at any organization you’re active in.
You must respect the timing and deadline of the application. It opens in October and closes in November of every year.

How can you boost your chances?
To have the upper hand, you have to follow these tips :

  • Start early : Prepare yourself, the papers requested and start filling the application prematurely in order to finish before the deadline.
  • Improve your english : Don’t copy and paste, you’re going to need your own words to be convincing and that’s why you have to build up your vocabulary and perfect your english.
  • Focus on showing your personality : They don’t really care about grades, so you need to highlight the traits of your personality and prove that you deserve this scholarship.
  • Demonstrate something special : Don’t write something typical and predictable, prove to them that you have something distinctive from the other students.
  • Engage in social life : Try joining non governmental organizations to increase your chances.

This is clearly an opportunity that you should not miss. It’s very easy to apply for and it will give you a golden chance to explore more, improve yourself and gain a new global perspective. You can always go check videos of tunisian students who talk about their experiences with the TJSP.
Therefore, when it’s time and the application opens, you know what to do!


2nd year in ESSECT and currently a Public Relations member in Enactus ESSECT.

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