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Changing the world this sentence may seem so cliché and overused by a lot of people, It seems like everyone wants to change the world and make it better, it’s practically in every teen’s instagram bio, but is it really possible to change the world !? And how are you supposed to change or even influence the world while you are a student in a small country like Tunisia?   

Understand that everything around you is built by mankind 

First of all, you can’t change what you think is unchangeable. Sometimes we forget that these obvious things that we experience and see all day long was built by a human by someone just like you, and Steve Jobs, the man who has clearly influenced and changed the world, said it explicitly:

‘’Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that people can use, and once you learn that you’ll never be the same again’’.

And the reason why the majority of people don’t confront this reality is because it’s easier to accept things as they are, because change is hard and it takes a tremendous amount of effort,energy, blood sweat and tears;and people are simply not willing to do that.

Why You Can Change The World

Take the responsibility

If you are satisfied with the status quo and you like the world the way it is right now, good for you! But if you’re not, don’t stand still, take the responsibility we all have as humans: to leave the world better than we found it, envision how to make things better and how the world should be. Have your own views and visions about society, because the reality is if you don’t work for your vision you’ll end up working for someone else’s, there’s no third option.

Don’t just be a number, just another person who was born, had an education, got a job, got married, had kids and died.. Make it more meaningful and fulfilling, don’t accept everything as it is, don’t take your existence in this world for granted and make your life worthwhile. Make sure when you’re 80 years old and you look back at your life you feel good about yourself, make sure you’ll say I did it, I didn’t accept the world as it is, I fought and I made a difference, I changed things and I made the world better than I found it.

 Denzel Washington Motivational Speech 2020

 Apple Steve Jobs Heres To The Crazy Ones 

The first step, where to start?

The change always comes from individuals; it’s never from the states or massive corporations, it’s always from some kid in his garage with a friend; almost everything you use right now started that way ( Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft..) and the list goes on. So have faith that one individual can change the world.The trap that we all fall into is that we try to tackle huge problems that are so much bigger than us, that we get overwhelmed by them ,and nothing gets done. So start small; If you can’t do the little things right you’ll never do the big things right.I recommend you answer these three questions before you start your journey of changing the world :

1)  Figuring out yourself: 

Who are you? What are your strengths, weaknesses, what excites you?, what scares you? What do you love and what do you hate!?

2) Figuring out life: 

what is this thing called life, what is the world, and why you are here !?

3) Figuring out your call: What needs to be changed and why !?

These questions must be answered because simply put you can’t change what you don’t know.And after you figure out who you are and why you are here and what changes you want to make in this world, the next step is to implement those changes that you want to see in the world in yourself, and if you fail to change yourself you have no chance in changing the world.

It’s a process focused on changing yourself first then your family, then your neighborhood, then your region, then your city, then your country, and eventually you’ll find yourself changing the world one step at a time.

If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed 

Conclusion :

History is not over yet, it’s still in the making, be sure there will be another Einstein, Beethoven, Ibn Khaldun, Steve Jobs Other legends will appear, so make sure that your name will be there among them, for future generations to get inspired by your actions, and quote your words in their arguments.

Finally, let me remind you that ‘’People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’’ -Steve Jobs,  So be a little bit crazier.



Filmmaker and a social activist at Junior Chamber International of Hammamet since 2016, currently studying cinematography (3rd year) at ESAD Tunis.

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