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We have all heard about this latest success of the three Tunisian brothers Hayder, Montassar and Selim who have made a Tunisian car all by themselves.
But what is behind this great success? And what are the difficulties they had to face to be able to reach this success?

The 3 brothers have dreamed of this since 2015, but they have always postponed the first step to start this adventure! Until the year 2017, when Hayder, 29 years and old
head of the Audit and Control department, proposed to start the work to make this dream a reality.

His two little brothers, Montassar, and Selim, two young students of information system development at ISET Nabeul accompanied him in this fight.

“ Once the material was ready, we began by manufacturing the chassis, we first developed a plan of the structure of the car by taking the measurements of various other cars, 4×4, family cars … ” said Hayder.
When asked about who financed them, he surprised me that it was a self-financing, they did not receive support from anyone, and they made everything alone, which sometimes caused some problems and forced them to suspend the work for periods: “It was either a lack of financial resources, or lack of parts, but it was not an obstacle for us and we still fought until the end” said Hayder.

They went on to build the front end, rear end, shocks and wishbones. “It was not easy to do it at all as we had to take into consideration the location of the engine, tires, steering wheel.. ” he added.
After that, they started the body of the vehicle, the dashboard, the resin to be able to start painting it.
“I want to emphasize that all our work was done with only a few tools; a box of tools, a hoe, a grinding wheel… We made a whole of nothing at all! “ he said.

What is more surprising is that the three brothers do not have an academic background that is related to mechanical engineering, from their young age they were passionate about mechanics.
“We have sacrificed everything for our project” said Hayder “every weekend has been sacred for the vehicle and we can spend hours working non-stop and it has a different taste, as if it was exactly our happiness” he added.

Now they are looking for an investor who believes in their dream and who will be able to take care of the financing of the project, they are working to take the authorization of the ministry of industry and make their Tunisian line.

For them, it has been a very good journey, and the journey continues, for them this is just the beginning.

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Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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