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“Never too young to start an empire, never too old to chase a dream”

Aventoura is a soon to be start-up, based in Monastir, founded by three students:

  • Dhia Saadi, 26 year old pharmacy intern
  • Sami Amri, 26 year old dentistry intern
  • Daly Maazoun, 23 year old podiatry bachelor

I had the chance to sit down with this team to go in depth and unveil the details of a promising project.

What is Aventoura?
“Aventoura is a dream turned into reality and it’s getting bigger day by day”, said Dhia

Known for its good vibes and quality services, Aventoura is specialised in organising camping and hiking trips: From spending nights gazing at the stars to challenging yourself to a hiking trail , nature enthusiasts can find whatever they please through its activities.

Aventoura – Tunisia's best camping, hiking and outdoor sport agency –  AVENTOURA

But, that’s not all.

If buying camping equipment is out of your budget, if it’s your first time camping and you’re still not sure about committing, or if you’re organising a big event and you’re in need of camping gear, AVENTOURA STORE is the answer to your problem.
It has more than 50 tents, 80 sleeping bags, 25 inflatable mattresses, foldable chairs, hammocks… basically whatever you need to make your camping a success.

Aventoura – Tunisia's best camping, hiking and outdoor sport agency –  AVENTOURA

“We also put in place private camping themed events like team buildings from start to finish” stated Sami.
You can check out the Website to get a better idea about its offers.

What is the story behind aventoura?
All I can say is, it was all meant to be.
Sami, a camper enthusiast since childhood, Dhia, a former scouts member and Daly, a self-taught graphic designer make the dream team i.e the perfect combination for this project to succeed.
“ One day, we came back from a camping trip and our friends were like: you should consider not only going camping, but taking people with you. The next day, we found ourselves planning and doing market research in Monastir.”
With hard work and steady steps, they managed to build a community and a good reputation. The planned aventouras are often fully booked in less than an hour..

How did you manage to balance your study load and your start-up work?
“Internship in the morning, Aventoura in the evening”
Having been part of several organisations, the boys affirm that they are used to this heavy workload, without forgetting about their studies in the process. “It’s not easy, but it’s doable. Plus,if you’re loving what you’re doing, you’ll find the time and the energy for it”

What are the setbacks you faced?
“Corona made it hard for us: because of constant curfews and the traveling ban between states, we had to cancel several events multiple times which brought us down at a certain point, stopping us from moving forward with our project. We believe that everything happens for a reason so we learned to adapt and we’re still going strong”.

What are your ambitions ?
Being legalised and getting a Start-up status is a priority for the Aventoura team.
“we’re also in the process of growing our Aventoura store for camping equipment rental and we want to have dispensing points all over the country one day, with a team bigger than just the three of us”
“If you’re not growing, you’re doing something wrong, and that’s our goal, to keep growing. Now that we have a running website, our next step is to develop Aventoura mobile app as well ” Said Sami
“In the long run, we want our Aventoura to go international, with camping trips worldwide and for Avnetoura to become a brand for camping equipment”

Best advice you’ve received/you can give to students thinking about stepping into the entrepreneurship world ?

“If you’re passionate about something, stop dreaming and start doing because if you never try, you’ll never know.
“Also, don’t let people bring you down in the process or tell you what not to do: it may sound cliché but reaching that mindset is not easy.”
True success requires sacrifice “ we sacrificed a lot especially in our personal lives to get here”.
“Keep your feet on the ground, be proud of what you’ve achieved but don’t get cocky”
is something that always resonated with these guys.
“Having an associative life made things easier for us, because it helped us learn the basics of entrepreneurship, from how to manage a business to how to communicate with others and we all know that communication is key to success”
Moral of this story, join clubs and organisations asap.

When it comes to teamwork, Dhia added that “Tough times don’t last, tough teams do. so, surround yourself with people who push you to go further.”

Lastly “ Be innovative, stand out from the competition”
“For example, similar concepts suggest where the camping site is. On the contrary, we don’t choose where the next aventoura is, we let our community decide, making them more engaged in the process.”

Drake said :

“Started from the bottom now we’re here” and that describes perfectly where these young entrepreneurs are now.“

We started with nothing, zero money, no community, and we built it up slowly by reinvesting, always striving for excellence.”
We’re rooting for this project to rise even higher.
So, when are you going on an Aventoura?
Join the community now.



Masters degree in private law, Former project manager and HR responsible in AIESEC in Tunisia

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