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What is you may ask ? 

Almost every student in Tunisia needs to find an internship opportunity in his respective field to learn more about his/or her fields of expertise. Internships are important because they’ll give you a taste of your upcoming professional life but unfortunately, a lot of students struggle to find good internship opportunities since companies don’t post these offers regularly and when they do, it’s not written in Human languages… 

That’s why we created which is a platform (coming soon) made to help these students find interesting internship opportunities in their respective fields and connect them with companies in Tunisia. It’ll also enable corporates to find a platform on which they can target local talent and hire them! 

If you don’t know me yet, I’m also the founder of which is the largest developers community in Tunisia.. I’ve seen a lot of students post offers on Facebook and LinkedIn trying to locate some HR/Recruiters may be some startups that are offering internships opportunities but most of them fail and since we already have a successful community, I tried to find a solution for this exact problem and from there stagii was initiated 

It’s a basic idea that can help the students and Tunisian-based companies. It also has a business opportunity so I said why not, let’s do this 

We are now developing an alpha version where we can link students and companies. Enable students to see internships offers, and help companies locate Tunisian talents 



Software developer and Founder of community and CEO of

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