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Did you know that students have the right to their own coworking space which is, moreover, at their fingertips! Such was our happy discovery of the week … Here’s a quick overview of!

Here is one of those startups that push the limits ever further, daring to take the less-traveled paths, here and elsewhere! Taking the form of a platform, LoDeep brings together students, researchers, and everyone who wants company in their sometimes tedious work.

This project started from an elementary observation: We are people of bond par excellence, just to see the incredible multiplication of coworking spaces in the nooks and crannies of our country, not to mention the cafes particularly popular with this same target loved by the newborn LoDeep.

And how? The principle could not be simpler: Before starting your task, you can choose your companion among the first members of the site, as if you are looking for your place in a library whose atmosphere inspires both serenity and energy!

And there, we sincerely hope that the next version of the site will allow everyone to find the ideal atmosphere according to their moods: at home, in a room, or in the countryside, with or without a computer, with people with surroundings or not, etc.

Until the time of writing, the platform offers its students to share a video of them working or studying, which you can launch, to realize that you are not alone in your site, all on a musical background that could not be more pleasant and calming, knowingly chosen by the protagonist of the project Ahmed Ghrib, an artist at heart who promotes Tunisia in his own way, and whose you can (re) discover his web TV.

LoDeep promises to make this virtual company in real-time, which is sure to inspire features worthy of a real social network that fights … distractions! We let you imagine the revolution that will result on the web beyond our borders, in a world united by the Internet and its whims.

Above all, we appreciated the interface that was both intuitive and English speaking, conducive to exerting its charms on potential users around the world! We are very curious to discover the evolution of this startup that makes us so proud and dreamy! Good luck!

Example of a LoDeep session to keep you company (You can find many more on the platform):

Original Article: LoDeep : Un Havre pour les Etudiants du Monde Entier!



co-founder and CEO of LoDeep, a startup that helps students find someone to study with online. He is also a Software Engineer who graduated from the prestigious Higher School of communication of Tunis - Sup'Com.

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