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“It all started with a necessity to write, 7 years ago”, admitted Ahlem.
Turning to her writing passion to escape a depression, Ahlem Ben Massaoud, a 25-year old medicine intern in Monastir, blessed us with a poetry collection called “HUMANisme” to take us on a delicious and mysterious trip inside her journey and her view regarding the definition of the term and we’ve got all what you need to know..

It all started when she met a well-known poet: Jean Pierre Paillon back in 2017 by email. In fact, this coincidence changed her life, dragging her into an unforgettable experience. Having represented Tunisia in two competitions in SLAM and written interesting drafts was enough to sneeze the interest and the curiosity of Mr Jean Pierre that suggested she takes these skills to the next level and publish her debut poetry collection: HUMANisme.

Decoding the book cover:
Ahlem seems quite involved in the process of making the book from writing to the photos on the design . Further to this point, the blue cover blends in harmony with the title HUMANisme in order to give us an exclusive look on the definition of the word that according to her is:”a philosophic term that gives supreme value to a human being”. With that said, the relation between the color chosen, that seems to conduct a feeling of sincerity and humanity, and the title would attract the reader to take a deeper look at the photos displayed in the middle of the page. Sweet bitter memories are what Ahlem shares with us; one of them is a gift that wasn’t offered at the time and gradually lost its value while the other is a photo taken in Mehdya. Two different places were cautiously kept into two little frames where lies the hidden mystery of HUMANisme.

Circumstances of the writing process:
“It’s not a question of time, it’s all about the atmosphere to write”, stated Ahlem who sounds at the first glance tackling the balance between her studies in Medicine. However , she clarified that finding the balance wasn’t a problem for her as she worked on this book for 7 years. When the long arm of coincidence made her meet the poet Jean Pierre Paillon and suggested that she write a poetry collection, the whole story began and the writing journey of HUMANisme started. She gathered all the drafts and scribblings she has elaborated so far to revise them and build on that.

Most importantly, she was going through a hard time when she was making her steps in the writing process. However, she’s proven she can turn her depression into an astonishing piece of art. Admitting that she was drowning in a sea of problems and not finding a ground to put her thoughts into words, the young writer took advantage of her weaknesses to add a unique touch to her book. Going through events that were dragging her down had a positive impact on her and pushed her to put all her feelings and reflect her ideas on paper.

Actually, writing has often been described as a therapeutic process and a refuge from the flaws of the world. Therefore, Ahlem found it a necessity to write rather than a simple passion. An obligation to get to the healing she’s thriving for is what motivated her and she did find peace and recovery in between the lines of HUMANisme. Therefore, It goes to prove that even if the sky is grey, you can always shine in your way or you can also read our article in order to overcome stress: simple techniques to overcome stress

The inspiration source and the present topics:
Nature, tolerance between religions, humanism as a concept are the different themes discussed in HUMANisme.
In fact, poets are frequently known for their ability to connect with readers by nature as they have the skills to get the beauty out of everything and display it in an extraordinary style and established mechanics. That’s what Ahlem did in HUMANisme as she attracts us to get lost in her outstanding universe and discover her own definition of the term.

48 poems were a mixture of the ideas revolving around humanism, humanity and humans as the new artist is giving an insight on her perspective regarding the concept. In other words, 48 poems of delicious reading and high quality poetry for us to drown into.

Even if nature and humanism seem to be mostly present in her poetry collection, Ahlem admitted that one of her inspiration sources is her dramatic story and the depression she’s been through insisting on the role that this piece of art has played to get her to healing.

From a simple passion to working with one of the most respected poets of all time, Ahlem Ben Massoud seems to have achieved a mindblowing success and left her signature in history.

“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.” — Robert Graves, in response to a questionnaire in Horizon, 1946.

For further informations, watch our interview with Ahlem : Ahlem Ben Massoud l Student Experience


High school student at Pioneer high school 15 October 1963 bizerte, enjoys writing and drawing, passionate about diplomacy and member in TIMUN bizerte, a social activist at international Junior Chamber of Bizerte and founder of the online group Environmenthy

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