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The 21 year-old product design student spills the tea about her non collegiate activities , projects and ambitions in an exclusive interview to StudentMag.

We all know that adapting to the post high school circumstances is a daunting task to do.Faced with new requirements for self prove and sense of achievement , many can be found lost amid this turmoil ,questioning their so far progress and doubting their worth in this battle . Well , for those who share the same fears and worries , StudentMag is giving you the chance to surpass these hurdles by monthly interviews with students who are sharing their experiences and motives , allowing all lost souls to reshape their confidence in this run and gun game .

But hey ? What can be better than launching this journey with our fellow student Chayma Khamri whose journey speaks volume about the life of an undergraduate who is seeking here and there for new adventures to go through ?

Well who is Chayma khamri ?

Chayma is a product design student in ESSTeDesign living in Hammamet.She is also the cofounder and community manager of Words With Powerful Letters Store, simply known as WWPL store. She discovered her spark at a very early age , when she had astonished everyone around by her first drawing of a car , acknowledging that she confessed an immoderate interest in the field of design , particularly car design .

A little bit far from her academics , Chayma launched her journey through WWPL store with Akram Bouksila by printing creative tunisian quotes on Tshirts and hoodies until they decided to take the project one step ahead by preparing personalized orders where , along with the quotes , designs are included following trends and bias .
You can check their new collections and customized work by clicking the website below as they deliver beyond Hammamet metropolis and if interested , your order will be by your hand within a week : WWPL Store

Chayma finds solace in various activities in her pastime . From a music geek who makes covers on instagram , a guitar collector , a photography buff and a cinephile , Chayma lives her life to the fullest in the realms of arts and masterly activities .

Her dream?
Infact , Chayma is far from relating herself to the single form of the word “ dream” .”Life is too short to have one and only dream or goal “ she claims . Being versatile by nature , the 21 year old design student envisions the admiring glances of people seeing her work and impact in kaleidoscopic fields , from car design to even her mere passion for photography and music . She believes that the key for assigning goals is to simply seek to diversify multiple approaches to goals and dreams in order to embrace diversity and adaptation as well as to mark with a red letter and rejoice .

“ life has ups and downs ” : Her message to young students :

In this matter, Chayma claimed she had two specific main pieces of advice .A lot of people starting something out have a particular vision of what kind of success they are looking for yet none really admit that the path to success is fraught with difficulties and that the entire issue is fraught with hurdles.”You have to believe that life has ups and downs and the successful person you know is simply someone who failed but kept moving forward.” Chayma wishes she was told these words as she needed them the most for her path.

Amid the unstable economic circumstances , it is a risky task to contract your capabilities to one and only domain. Needless to mention that being a one-trick pony will embrace monotony and lack of knowledge in various other vital disciplines . Therefore , a rich and a lush life bubbles up from a variety of disciplines and interests .“Another tip worth mentioning , Chayma insists , is to never plant limits in front of you , never relate yourself to a mere field of interest and follow instead anything you feel capable of nailing

Well , you heard her right .”Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction” and Chayma had already underlined the value of these John F . Kennedy words. Then everything you gotta do is to simply go for it .”Just Osdom and we are with you “ in Chayma’s own words .
Stay tuned for our upcoming monthly students and don’t forget , #JustGoForIt and Student Mag is always with you .

Click here to watch the interview : interview with Chayma Khamri



studying experimental sciences in Marie Curie high school Manouba , keen on social sciences and economics and currently an ambassador at Womenpreneur Digital hub and World Literacy Foundation with extensive volunteer experience

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