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Big dreams come from small beginnings. And that’s what Albania born Ergi Hoxha believes,  affiliation with the student magazine started from something as simple as a LinkedIn search.

Ergi Hoxha is a 22-year-old chemistry teacher . Starting as a student member of Royal Society of chemistry, she was accepted as an associate member after just one month, which was for her “one of her biggest achievements”, internationally qualified in chemistry education and actually teaching all types of engineering students (analytics, inorganic/organic chemistry, pharmacy, stomatology, biotechnology…) and preparing them, as long as those who worked with olympiads for the state exams. 

“In Albania, there aren’t many opportunities for chemistry,” said Ergi. “There is only one faculty for science at my university, and the space is shared by students studying chemistry, biology, computing, maths and more. I love chemistry and I’ve been studying it since high school, and so I have always done a lot of extra research online to share with my friends and family ” added she.

Ergi is currently studying for her Master of Science in Secondary and Higher Education at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in the University of Tirana. Before this, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, which was where she found a real passion for teaching.

In my second year of university, I was able to take part in my first teaching internship to share chemistry with other students.

A successful internship was with the European Language Center in collaboration with the European Youth Council. As part of the internship since May 2018, she was able to prepare 20 instructional videos for YouTube that describe all the different types of chemistry for students, including organic, inorganic, physical, and more.

With her practices showing Ergi that she is capable of doing whatever she sets her mind to, she began her Master degree. “There is a lot of research and a lot of big scientific projects going on all over the world and although it is hard to know where you can find information, but RSC has really helped me with the research for my Master project – in particular the Education website has been great! I check it out every day and I have learned so many new things.

 Plus, the journal Education in Chemistry is so useful. indeed, it is my biggest dream to write about it one day”, added Ergi. Always looking to learn more about chemistry, Ergi has started attending international conferences, which have even resulted in some further research projects. “Last November, I went to the international conference on applied chemistry in Berlin. And in August, I attended another Zoom conference on teacher education, which I found very helpful. I actually sent them some projects and they liked it so much that I, now, have a big project going on. You can actually find my work on Google and LinkedIn, which is really exciting! ” said she. As part of this project, Ergi has been doing further research into ibuprofen uses, side effects, warnings and dosing, while also exploring why gene editing works. 

She is hoping to attend further international conferences, with a conference in London her ultimate goal. When Ergi finishes her studies, she would like to become a chemistry lecturer and complete a PhD( PHD or PhD is an acronym that can designate: Philosophiæ doctor (or doctor philosophiæ; abbreviated PhD or Ph. D.; literally “doctor of philosophy”) is, in the Anglo-Saxon or French-Canadian university system, the most common title for a doctoral degree). 

“Actually, I’m already a chemistry lecturer for secondary education students. But you can’t teach higher education in Albania until you complete your Master’s, so for now I’m working with higher education students as a volunteer within my faculty. I love helping other students and colleagues to understand chemistry.”, assumed Ergi. ” In my free time, I am working on scientific research projects. I really hope that my case will be a story of success and influence.

 I am also working to publish a website I create about chemistry and I will be the founder of a chemistry website as well. Hyper cumulative plants is my most watched scientific project on my page “, admitted she. 

In her free time she likes to read and study chemistry in English, she also collaborates on international projects as a part of another internship.

A year ago, she was also part of a magazine in Albania, STAR PEOPLE magazine. And it’s the first international magazine where she talks about herself and her achievements. Having such a great academic background despite her young age is really very interesting and above all inspiring for students. Ergi encourages each of us to build our own rich career path, and it is surely achievable..


Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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