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“Believe in yourself even if no one believed in you , don’t lie to yourself and keep in mind that your skills should never be buried” says Hassen Racil, our student of the month when we asked him to give an advice to his younger self. 

Hassen Racil is a 24-year-old landscape and planning systems master student at the higher institute of agronomy in Chatt Maryem. He is the CO founder of Asterlab ( a marketing agency) , the responsible in charge of training and development in the JAT Hammamet’s foundation and a social activist .Since a young age , Hassan Hacil has been passionate about writing “I’m grateful That people around me have always supported me and loved what I write . That’s one of the reasons that is pushing and motivating me to write more “

When asked about his academic life , Hassan Racil said that at the beginning he didn’t choose to study this program “some circumstances led me to this institute ” .He started loving it when he got to know more about this field .”When you landscape you don’t only design some elements, you’re actually designing people’s lives and their interaction with their places ..I am happy and satisfied of my studying path “

When asked about his social life , Hassen Racil said that he has always been interested in theatre and he thought , with a group of friends, that this hobby needs to be improved and their skills need to be refined.. That’s when they decided to start a foundation : JAT Hammamet ( Jeunes Artistes Tunisiens) in 2014. 

JAT , the non profit organisation, brings together more than 40 young people, aged from 11 to 24; actors, singers, musicians and dancers to offer them the opportunity and the tools to exchange, improve and shine through cultural projects, events, and workshops.He said that they interacted and partnered with a lot of foundations and organisations which gave a special touch to their work .”We’re still active and we look forward to always support our talented youth in Hammamet “

We also asked him about his start-up; Asterlab .We got that it’s a compass for the company’s journey that guides the owners to success, an astrolabe to figure out his position in the market and to plan his future steps , they assist them all along the way ,with creating and implementing marketing strategies .

” I choose not to choose ” Said Hassan Racil when asked to choose between his studies , Asterlab and JAT. He chose to keep working on the 3 of them at the same time because everything has its own touch on his life and teaches him in a different way. He can’t give up on studies , neither JAT or Asterlab.

” Who is your idol ? ” we asked. Hassen replied that he has never thought of having an idol . ” When you’re active in a lot of fields ,it’s hard to find an idol that represents you in all of them at the same time . That’s why I choose to keep in mind that my idol is me in the 10 or 15 coming years ” . ” I want him to be my role model ” Furthermore , he added that ,in 10 years, he sees himself making a change in his life and in people’s lives; ” In 10 years, I see myself financially stable after starting my own business based on Asterlab’s principles. I also see a social activist who’s making a change in people’s lives “

Finally , Hassan gave advice to youth wanting to “start” a start-up:

He insisted on keeping distance from toxic people that will drag your energy down and unmotivate you ..” You have to stop complaining and work hard , you’re the only one responsible of your success, don’t expect anything from anyone “

Personally, I can strongly relate to what he said. At the end : “Complaining is a complete waste of one’s energy. Those who complain the most accomplish the least.”


I am an 18 years old high school senior specializing in experimental science, a millennial who's passionate about uplifting myself and my community and a social activist at the international junior chamber of Hammamet.

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