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Nour SALAH, the 20-year-old geopolitical and international relationships student, the civil society activist, the founder of the Tunisian International Model United Nations is our student of the month.

Civil society :

She started from scratch with the experience of the young arab voices, the debating club, with her english teacher at school, it was her first experience but surely not the last. She was the co-founder of LMB Hammamet Youth Club where she lived the experience of the general secretary for 2 mandates.

She was also the co-founder of the club NEFAAL Tebda Maak, which is an association that works on changing the states of mind and mentalities of young people as a first step to building a better future.

As I mentioned before, Nour was also an ambassador of the COINSENCE which is a social entrepreneurial project that empowers changemakers and organizations to collaborate on projects that benefit society in partnership with UNICEF innovation, and at this moment she is experiencing a new adventure with TIMUN.  

TIMUN – Tunisian International Model United Nations – is an international program entirely run by students present in almost every country around the world.

Originally created as a Club at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis, the TIMUN Association aims to promote the purposes and principles of the United Nations and to strengthen the skills of young students.


While talking about her studies she mentioned that the actual field which she is studying now was not her first choice.  When I received the news I was very afraid and confused  she said. She was in a dilemma and did not have anyone to turn to since it was the first tunisian class in this field and she did not know anything about it, not even what she will become in the future after studying political and international relationships.

Despite that, she decided to go for the adventure and discover what the destiny is hiding for her, and hopefully it was a masterpiece..

 I am very happy with what I am doing now and I can’t see myself anywhere but here  she admitted.

Nour has lived many experiences that played an important role in shaping her personality.

Passions :

Speaking about her passions, Nour is a fan of playing sports, she said that it even changed her life.. In addition, she is very active on social media and tries to impact people’s lives positively through her rich course. Without forgetting writing, Nour adores writing which has turned into an inspiring passion.

The multi-talented girl keeps impressing us with her achievements. Lately, she started discovering the podcasting and storytellings, she has even took part in a training sessions to know more about these stuff and improve her communication skills, after a while she had the opportunity to take part on a weekly radio session and precisely on Radio Med – Dimanche + – art and culture section, where she talks about the origin of some phenomenons such as traditions and cultures..

Idol :

Furthermore, Nour was asked about her idol.

  I don’t believe in idols, the only one who you should compare yourself with is what you were yesterday and what you want to become tomorrow  she said.

But we can call it an inspiration, and there, she talked about Elif Chafak which is her favorite author, she dreams of building such a career.

Last but not least, when speaking about how she spends her day she said :

  It depends whether I am in vocation or studying, but in all cases I choose to be a morning person because I believe that a great day starts with an early morning  .

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a habit for her, she practises sports at least 3 times per week, and without forgetting the daily reading part even if it was for 15 minutes a day she tries to carry on it.

conclusion :

Nour had really so much to tell us about herself, having such inspiring stories to tell despite her young age is amazing. If she will give her younger self an advice she would say :  know yourself before you try to know others “ Having a big friends’ circle does not help you with anything if you don’t focus on yourself first  

Know your worth, know your strengths and weaknesses, determine your goals and work on them !


Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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