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When we talk about successful people it always comes to mind people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates… who made extraordinary achievements in their lives and impressed the world to the top. While we forget sometimes those young people living around us, who we can call “ambitious”and who accomplished incredible things in an early age.Thus, we don’t give them the attention that is given to famous people, forgetting sometimes that they have passed by this stage before becoming what they are now.

Today, we brought you one of those who I talked about above, a young man that I literally call an ambitious young man who made a great achievement at a young age. So let’s discover together his life, his personality, what did he achieve until this moment and how was his journey.
Safwen Mami is a 22-year-old man who is living in Hammamet, completing his last year in INEPS Ksar Said (Superior Institute of Sport and Physical Education).Gifted by sports from a very young age, Safwen has believed in his dream of becoming a great windsurfer which has started to become true when he was nominated 7 times as the Tunisian Champion in windsurfing and won 5 times the Tunisian Cup.

In 2013, he was nominated as the African champion, and the only african qualified for the junior Olympics. He continued his course being nominated twice again the African champion in 2015 and 2016.And now Safwen has turned from Junior to Senior facing a new challenge with the new board in windsurfing with new techniques and preparations. Our young champion setted a new goal, and he is waiting for the new board to come to Tunisia to start preparing himself for the 2024 Paris summer olympics. Hard work is waiting for Safwen because there are many other professional competitors in the olympics.Thus, he won the 3rd place at the international competition in Pakistan and the 1st place in Marseille’s windsurfing competition. He played a lot of national competitions in France as well.

Safwen’s two idols in life are Antoine Albeau, who was notably 25 times the world champion in different disciplines of windsurfing, and holds several speed records. He is the most successful French sportsman in history and Rafael Nadal who is a professional tennis player since 2001. Safwen’s routine is very hard especially in summer, he spends most of his time training in the sea and preparing himself for the future challenges. In summer, he trains  more than 3 times per day because he has more free time.

Despite all these achievements that he realised, this young man is still dreaming.. His goal now is to qualify for the 2024 summer olympics in Paris and he is obviously well dedicated and highly determined to realise his dream.

I want to conclude with one thing, a dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. Safwen believed in his dream, and worked hard to make it happen. When looking at your settled goals list, remember that it won’t only take time but it will also require hard work to make your dream come true.


Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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