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In the last meeting we were brainstorming, what should the first article in the students category be about ! And Asma Somai one of our writers, suggested that i should write about us, how I got the idea, how I assembled a team and what is the goal or the dream behind this project, so here we are, this is our story.

Why a magazine!?

I’ve always loved visual art , graphics, videos and movies, and that’s what made me drop my computer science studies in ISET Nabeul in 2016 and switch to cinematography in ESAD Tunis. 

I also like the feeling of starting a new business or a project, I’m really passionate about the idea of creating stuff that wasn’t there before and that it can grow beyond its initial form or function and have the potential to impact and influence the world, it’s an amazing and a very exciting thought if you really think about it.

And I think, the reason why I was drawn to the idea of founding a magazine is because it combines all these things it’s a business but it’s also a creative and a visual medium so it’s the perfect formula for me. 

Why a student’s magazine!?

Some people argue that if you want to make a change to the mentality of a nation you should start with kids and there’s a lot of truth to that but it takes a lot of time as well, and the second-best generation to start with in my opinion are the youth between 18 and 24.

At the time I didn’t realize it but now, looking back it’s kinda obvious when you’re 18 (a baccalaureate student), you start thinking about the future seriously, where you’re going to study? What’s the field you’re going to choose?  What job are you going to have? And without directly feeling it but it opens the conversation of what kind of person you want to be, and how you want to show up to the world. And that’s how change happens, so if we want to impact people’s lives and make a change with the least amount of time we have to target the people between 18-24 which means students.

Another reason why we target students is that at that age while facing these hard choices which will determine your future you need guidance, knowledge, and advice, and nobody is doing that so we are kinda solving this problem.

The team

The first person who knew about the project was Oussama Ben Hmida, I knew him in 2016 from my one year of computer science in ISET Nabeul  before I switched to cinematography,

I went to him in 2018, we talked about the project and  I asked him if he would help me build the website, he was down for it, but the problem we faced is that he was studying in Nabeul and I was in Tunis so we were meeting only in Sundays so the rhythm was very slow, and in the middle of the year I was very pressured with my studies and I was involved in other projects so I was forced to hit the pause button for the magazine.

And in late 2019 i felt like i should get back to the project and make it happen even if it’s not gonna be perfect.

Ben Hmida wasn’t available, he was working and studying at the same time, so i called some friends and we had our first unofficial meeting in Blaze coffee in Hammamet where I presented the project; its vision, dream, and goal.. and see if they were interested in being part of it, well they were! and we started officially working on and off since December of 2019,  we started with 9 members  

( Maryem Belguesmi, Asma Barhoumi, Sara Aayeti, Asma Somai, Amal Kachabia, Haythem ben Mansour, Sarra Khedira, Hiba Amri, Ahmed Karoud), and it was hard because we are all students some of us were studying in Tunis, some in Sousse some in Nabeul so we were all over the place, some members couldn’t find a work-study balance so they hit they left the team, and the official working team right now consist of 4 people ( Sarra Khedira, Amal Kachabia, Sarra Zayeti, khawla jellali).

The dream 

I believe that change always comes from individuals; it won’t come from the state or from big corporations, so the next big thing will come from one or two people believing in their idea and working 24/7 to make it happen.

(Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft) every one of these companies is a big giant proof of that.

So we must invest in our individuals, our youth and encourage and push them to start their businesses and startups to solve problems and make a change in our community, 

I remember myself when i was 18 i had a lot of energy i was very excited about the future, had a lot of business ideas and projects that i wanted to make but obviously, i had no experience and i didn’t know where to start. It was overwhelming, i needed guidance, inspiration and knowledge, and that’s the foundation and the idea behind the magazine is to provide that inspiration, knowledge and guidance that i was unable to get when i was a young student, 

The vision of the magazine is to be the roadmap that will help my 18 years old self figure out himself and make his dreams and projects come true, i feel like i owe it to my younger self to make it happen , because i lost many years walking in the wrong directions, only if i knew then what i know now it would’ve saved me so much time and energy.  

Conclusion :

We say that it’s an online magazine to make it clear and easy to explain, but the reality is we don’t really know what it is and what it can be but it’s something that we believe in and we believe that it should be done. And no matter what it becomes in the future we hope that we make an impact, change things, and hopefully inspire actions because it’s Time to wake our youth up.



Filmmaker and a social activist at Junior Chamber International of Hammamet since 2016, currently studying cinematography (3rd year) at ESAD Tunis.

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