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Yassine Sondes, known for “Ti 3leh”, is a 25-year-old law student, dancer, content creator, and most importantly the goodwill ambassador for the European Union in Tunisia, and I said the most importantly because such an achievement is hard to accomplish especially at such an early age!
If you want to discover Yassine’s life, passions and road secrets, keep reading, maybe you will be the next goodwill ambassador? Who knows!

  • About his studies:

Let’s start with his studies, a law student must be so passionate about legal careers or had lived an experience that made him choose this field! And so was the case of Yassine when asked about the reason why he chose to study law, he admitted that in his childhood he lived a tragedy and that was the secret behind his decision.
In 2010, Yassine was a victim of police brutality, we all know the different cases of police abuse and violence against the “lower ranked innocent” and how they use their power for extreme misconduct.

He was just having fun with friends, they went to the cinema to watch the new season of Harry Potter, and when he came back home, 2 police agents took him to the police station without telling him what was wrong, and that’s when the disaster started..
“ They started beating me non-stop, I thought that it was a hidden camera scene and when I understood that it was not, all that I felt was pure injustice and humiliation” said Yassine.

“ I ve questioned myself , how many Tunisians are exposed to this kind of humiliation per day? One day, I will study law and defend those people because injustice must not be tolerated! “ added he.

The adventure of content creation started in 2016 with his best friend Samy Chaffai, when they started a concept of tunisian society criticism, they created a youtube channel Ti 3leh, because that’s the word that tunisians keep on saying, ti 3leh..

“ The best thing in the world is when you prove people wrong! “ said Yassine. Many have criticized their concept and told them that it will lead them to nowhere, but as he said, they proved them wrong! They worked hard, and started filming short films, they even had a short film with Japanese. They worked on other concepts and little by little,many liked their ideas, their channel was well-known.. Until they had the opportunity to participate in Sadeem s competition, and Samy represented them.

  • About The EU Contest:

This year, Yassine has participated in a competition organized by the European Union, EU for youth contests for influencers that lead him to be the goodwill ambassador of the EU.
This opportunity was given to him through a facebook page EU neighbours south that has published an opportunity alert where 8 countries can participate, and Yassine and his friend were the two ones from Tunisia.
They had 3 training sessions and each influencer was asked to create two videos that were funded by the EU in Tunisia.

  • About his passions and idols :

Yassine is passionate about dancing, acting, scriptwriting, anime…
When it comes to acting, Yassine is so impressed by the famous American actor and producer who has gone from relatively humble beginnings to a major teenage heartthrob, Leonardo Dicaprio, and when talking about the hard work, his idol is Cristiano Ronaldo who is such an inspiration for him!

When asked about his time management, Yassine admitted that he is a multi-tasked person, the most important thing is to plan your work then work your plan.

“ Every opportunity matters “ said he, and this was his advice, is to chase opportunities and never let slip any opportunity given to you because every opportunity gives you the chance to challenge a new chapter in your life, and opens new horizons that one day were closed for you!


Studying civil engineering at the Superior Institute for Technological Studies of Nabeul, a social activist at the International Junior Chamber of Hammamet since 2016 and currently a VP in charge of training and development.

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